Ways in which machine learning algorithms are changing online advertising

Machine learning algorithms

Machine learning algorithms

Have you ever found yourself looking at different things on the internet that you never wanted? Or sometimes you find things that you wanted popping out of the machine like the computer read your mind? Sometimes you may think that those machine ads are a nuisance to you, but they may be ads for things that you wanted.

But how does the computer learn that? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Is it the manufacturer of the computer doing all this wizard?

The computer learns things like the human brain. The difference between the two is that the human brain learns by experience while computers learn by doing calculations in a sequence of steps called algorithms.

These algorithms are getting a lot of attention from generation Y because of how it has been applied to different sectors in the economy and on day to day life. You will find algorithms being applied in medical diagnosis as well as in self-drive cars. The big thing is how it has been changing the online marketing sector.

Predicting lifetime value

Machine learning algorithms can learn and predict for how long a given customer is going to remain loyal to the product that is being sold online. This is very important for the marketing teams as they can use that to make their own market statistics. These statistics will help them to isolate the loyal customers from other customers which is important for both the advertiser and the customer.


Personalized messaging

Getting the right message to the right people in the recent past was a challenge. But with the coming of technology, things have become easy. With the coming of machine learning algorithms, there is no more reason to worry.

Machine learning algorithms makes it possible for the computer to know what to put in front of every customer who looks interested in the product. It offers the product right to their computers when they need it. When this happens, your product gets a lot of recognition, reputation, and gain trust from customers in ways that you never imagined it would be possible.


Predictive performance analysis

Machine learning algorithms gives a chance to advertisers to predict how well an ad will work before they put it out to the online people. It helps them to make the best ads that will have a positive impact on the market as well as avowing waste time and money on ads which will not work well in the market.

Data mining for optical targeting

Things we post on the social media world are used to build a data profile about what we like, at what time of the day we like and how we like it to be.

Artificial intelligence can look and interpret all this data to show you the exact ads you wanted.

I hope your learned something from machine learning algorithms. If you have any comment and/or experience you want to share with us, please feel to use the comment section below.

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