Best Marketing Campaigns: 10 Examples To Inspire Your Own

Shopping habits have evolved, but the need for catchy, well-branded marketing campaigns that capture consumer interest remains. Finding an engaging hook or concept that sticks with customers is crucial. The best marketing campaigns often tell a relatable and unforgettable story. They share key features: targeting a specific audience, having a memorable hook, increasing brand awareness, offering something valuable, and providing a clear, genuine call to action.

Look at examples of outstanding marketing campaigns to grasp how these elements blend seamlessly. These examples can teach you success strategies and motivate you to craft your own impactful campaigns and advertisements. In this article, we will explore the 10 best marketing campaigns.

Top 10 Best Marketing Campaigns To Inspire Your Own

1. Heinz

Heinz as best marketing campaigns

Credit: Heinz

Imagine you’re such a big fan of Heinz tomato ketchup that you dream of painting your home the same red. Now, you don’t have to just dream about it. In 2023, Heinz teamed up with Lick, a company known for its focus on color in home decor, to release a limited-edition matt interior paint. They named it ‘Red HTK 57’, which is quite clever.

If you think this is just a smart trick, let’s look at some facts. Research indicates that during the summer, which is the peak season for BBQs, 39% of condiment buyers are also into DIY and home improvements. Also, 54% of Americans who enjoy grilling or barbecuing are interested in DIY projects around the house.

These numbers show there’s a real connection between these interests. It turns out that Heinz’s seemingly wild idea actually makes a lot of sense.

2. Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 campaign

Trailer here

Grand Theft Auto, or GTA, is an extremely popular video game series. Fans have been playing GTA5 since 2013, so everyone eagerly awaits GTA6, which will come out in 2025.

Rockstar Games, the creators of GTA, released a teaser on YouTube in December 2023. They did this a bit earlier than planned because someone leaked it without permission. The teaser quickly got over 19 million views in just two weeks. People loved its movie-like graphics that reminded them of viral videos from Florida.

Even before the trailer came out, other studios started using the game’s designs. This shows how influential a new GTA game is. To highlight the trailer, Rockstar cleared its social media page and left only the teaser image.

The whole campaign for releasing the trailer was like launching a big movie.

3. Barbie

Barbie as best marketing campaigns

Credit: glamourmagazine

People have called this stellar campaign the marketing event of the century so far. Rival studio executives grudgingly say it might have cost $150 million, which is on top of the movie’s $145 million production budget. But the investment has definitely been worth it.

The studio hasn’t shared much detail but says it built the campaign on a “breadcrumb strategy.” It gave out small previews to spark interest and get people talking.

Like most campaigns, this one mixed earned media, like social media buzz, with paid media, including trailer spots. The paid media especially helped the campaign quickly become popular.

Not surprisingly, those who wear highlighter makeup are among the most likely to watch Barbie. They are more interested in the movie than the average consumer. So, the campaign’s ultra-feminine marketing hit the mark perfectly.

4. Snickers – You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

Snickers campaign

Credit: medium

Like Nike, Snickers has a slogan that people will always link to the brand. They use this simple yet memorable sentence in most of their branding.

With many competitors in the chocolate bar market, Snickers needs to be different. To this end, they have created many funny ads using their slogan. In these ads, actors act out of character because they are hungry. After eating a Snickers, they return to normal. Turning their slogan into comedy is brilliant advertising.

In 2017, Snickers had a clever twist on their line with a billboard for Valentine’s Day. It said: “You’re Forgetful When You’re Hungry.” This was one of the best Valentine’s Day ads ever!

Because of this, Snickers became famous for its slogan and the many ads they’ve made since they first introduced it. This is definitely one of the best marketing campaigns.

5. Oreo – Dunk In The Dark Campaign

Oreo as best marketing campaigns

Credit: Oreo

During the 2013 Super Bowl, a huge power outage hit the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Oreo quickly took advantage of this event with a simple social media campaign.

They tweeted an image of an Oreo in black and white, saying, “You can still dunk in the dark.” They added the caption, “No power? No problem.” The tweet went viral quickly, getting thousands of likes and retweets.

This campaign didn’t have an advert or a big viral marketing plan and likely cost very little to create. Spending a lot of money doesn’t always guarantee success.

6. Just Eat – Did Somebody Say Just Eat

Just Eat campaign

Watch here

Just Eat collaborated with the famous American artist Katy Perry to create a memorable song for their brand. The tune includes the phrase “Did somebody say Just Eat,” similar to how you would ask, “Did somebody say a takeaway?” It cleverly highlights Just Eat’s service of delivering takeaways right to your doorstep. So, when you’re in the mood for a takeaway, you think of Just Eat.

Even though this campaign must have cost a lot, it shows that a catchy song and clever wordplay can make sure people always remember Just Eat.

7. We Buy Any Car – Just Sold My Car

We Buy Any Car as best marketing campaigns

Watch here

We Buy Any Car’s campaigns are often hits. They work with an advertising agency that their rivals should think about hiring. Each ad has a catchy tune that makes you think of their brand.

A recent favorite is the “Just sold my car” commercial. It features a new version of the viral song ‘Friday’ by Riton & Nightcrawlers. Using a viral hit to promote your brand again is clever marketing. It’s catchy and fun and sticks in your mind when you hear about this company.

For their latest ad, they started shooting in 2022 with TikTok star Mufasa. They wanted it to be fun, exciting, and different from their past ads. Their goal was to make people smile; this commercial definitely does that.

8. GoPro: Awards

GoPro campaign

Credit: GoPro

GoPro encourages its customers to create content, so it’s logical for the brand to use customer-made content in its marketing. By setting up awards for loyal customers, GoPro showcased people using their products and built a sense of community. The campaign worked so well that GoPro made more awards for various types of content, inviting even more participation. This way, GoPro formed a community that actively interacted with the brand, sharing and making content that showed off the product naturally.

9. Burger King’s “Whopper Detour” Campaign

Burger King as best marketing campaigns

Credit: LinkedIn

Burger King’s “Whopper Detour” campaign used geolocation technology to bring more customers to their restaurants. The campaign got people to download the Burger King app and order a Whopper for just one cent. But there was a twist: they had to be close to a McDonald’s. This smart campaign created excitement and drew in customers by using the closeness of their competitor. It showed how daring and fun Burger King’s marketing is, leading to more app downloads and higher sales. Using new technology and playing off the competition can create excitement, boost sales, and highlight your brand’s daring nature.

10. Pampers’ “Pampers Village” Community

Pampers campaign

Credit: Behance

The “Pampers Village” campaign by Pampers built an online community where parents could meet and help each other. Through the campaign, parents had a place to share stories, ask for advice, and access parenting and baby care resources. It created a feeling of belonging and support that appealed to parents who appreciate community and shared experiences. This move strengthened Pampers’ reputation as a reliable ally for parents and made it a useful resource for their main customers. Creating a community around your brand can offer valuable help and a sense of belonging and encourage lasting customer loyalty.

How do you use these best marketing campaigns to launch your own?

Every marketing campaign should be unique, but the best ones share common features. A successful marketing campaign boosts your brand’s awareness and image and can also increase corporate profits. Your goal is to create a creative message and ensure consistency wherever potential customers might see it.

When you’re ready to start your own marketing campaign, take what you’ve learned from other campaigns. Ensure you know your target audience and what you want them to do when they see your creative work. This way, you can create marketing campaigns that are fun, true to your brand, engaging, and persuasive.

Adobe Campaign simplifies managing your creative work. It helps you connect with and track the customer journey as people interact with your brand. You can use customer data to coordinate and deliver your campaigns for online and offline experiences while tracking metrics in one workflow. The outcome is a multichannel marketing experience that is both unified and easy to manage.


These 10 inspiring digital marketing campaign examples show how powerful creativity, storytelling, and engagement the audience can be. Every campaign used digital channels well. They tapped into social media, user-generated content, real-time marketing, and personalized experiences to reach their target audience and get impressive results. Businesses can look at these best marketing campaigns, learn from them, and get ideas for their own digital marketing campaigns. This can help grow their brand, build customer loyalty, and create significant connections in the digital world.

If you need help with your marketing campaign management, our team of experts is here to help you meet your goals. Contact us to learn how we can help your brand get more traffic.

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