5 tips to create incredible call – to – action to improve CTR


Get $100 once you are done reading.

How many times will you be reading the article if someone is going to give you $100 in return? Most of us will love to spend their time on such a give – away. And the call which provoked you to perform a particular action is called the Call – To – Action in internet marketing.

In detail; a call – to – action is a segment within your internet marketing where you offer further benefit to your reader after the click. We all would have seen “Buy Now” message for a lot times during visiting our favorite grocery store or garment store. This Buy Now is message is the purest message of Call – to – Action.

Creating provocative call to action is always a challenge to every marketer. Though simplicity is the best solution even in internet marketing, but remember, to give more to your targeted audience to increase the chance of high conversions. The other hidden truth behind effective call – to – action, the wrong users will automatically be avoided through clear message in the CTA.

CTA is equally effective in your blogs, Ads, Videos and Tweets too. Looking at the importance, there will be least marketers who are not going to pay attention to create effective call to action. Today, we shall discuss the simplest rules to create most effective call – to – action for your marketing campaigns.

Strong command verb to start your CTA

CTA or Call – To – Action has a very few space to convey the message, in-fact less word count than that of a Tweet, to your targeted audience. The one rule should be in mind before going to create the CTA for your next blog post, social media post, Ad copy or a video, the message should be clear and incisive. For an example, the Ad copy in Google Ads gives you 35 characters per line in the provided 3 line Ad. To make your CTA clear and incisive you need to pick some specific words to use at the start of your CTA;

  • Start with “Buy” for your e – commerce web campaigns.
  • Start with Subscribe for the newsletter or download campaigns.
  • To let audience interact for more information, “fill out a form for…” or “find out how…”

On contrary if you are going to use words other than the given words it will be hard to understand for the targeted audience what’s next they are going to get? For an example, if I want to let users download your latest whitepaper you should not start by informing like; “Our latest whitepaper is available. You can download it from the link”. Doing so, you will be decreasing the CTR without any doubt.

Use words to fill enthusiasm and provocative

Marketing campaigns are mostly come up with some offers or give – away. These offers might involve something to get extra or something to pay less to get more. Being a smart marketers, you need to build enthusiasm by adding the extra benefit to the targeted audience.

Say there is a 50% discount on a range of product on your store, then why don’t you use benefit in the call – to – action? If I got to know the benefit of getting 50% off from the original price, I will definitely be visiting the website and searching for the products.

Give reason to buy

Why should anyone be buying from you? What is the reason behind buying from your online store? Define some unique selling point, USP, of your marketing campaign. Once you, yourself, is clear what exactly you are selling to your targeted customers, it will be more fun for you to make it more worthy through Call – to – Action. The reason is not having something 50% off but the reason is, the user can use the product to perform something in better way.

Advantage of FOMO

Fear of missing out, FOMO, something is always challenging to everyone, including you and me. If I am visiting someone and found that they are offering something I love to have I will be in hurry to buy it. Similarly, if you are going to add FOMO affect within your CTA, the chances of increased CTR will be increase significantly.

User number where possible

Numbers are equally important which you can use within your Call – to – action to make the message clear, further. There are cases when user is searching for a particular price range of a product. For such cases the use of numbers within your call – to – action will be more important to help the targeted users make quick decisions without any doubt.

For example, you have range of product within your e – commerce store which range under $100, above $200 and above $300. If you have placed the call – to – action near the most visible section of the webpage, it will help the targeted audience to choose from their desired range of product.

Call – to – action is playing a vital role in inbound marketing since the very first day. If you are pushing your targeted audience through a call – to – action, you will again not be able to get high click through rate from the call – to – action. So it is advised to create every call to action using above mentioned rules to succeed having more clicks from your call – to – action. What are the rules you follow creating your CTAs, please do share your experience with us to improve?

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