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If you are on this page, I guess you want to know more about us. Ok, so let’s get to know each other.

Meet Ana Maria

Meet Ana Maria

Hi, I’m Ana Maria De La Cruz, an Outreach Bee is my brainchild. Glad to work with you!
I created this company to help SEO/PR agencies and brands alike overcome the pitfalls of manually managing outreach campaigns.

Why work with me?

Simple – I know the market, and I deliver.
I’ve been doing business as an online marketer since 2004, which has allowed me to develop a holistic understanding of how influential bloggers and sites can broaden your brand recognition and bring organic traffic straight to your site.

I can reach more than 50,000 bloggers worldwide in nearly any category with high domain authority and a wide social networking influence.

I built this business around a core of satisfied customers, and I hope to count you among them one day soon.

Meet Ana Maria's Outreach Team

We’re here to help you flesh out your campaign objectives, find the right sites to
fulfill your requirements, and manage your campaign from inception to completion.

Shad Team Leader Manager

Hi, I’m Shad

Team Leader Manager

At Outreach Bee, I oversee all our operations. I’m a person who loves to GIVE-Always Optimist-Always hopeful. Don’t hesitate to work with us. I’m confident about the success of our company. I’m a Philanthropist Bee.

Katty Team Leader Manager

Hi, I’m Katty

Team Leader Manager

At Outreach Bee, I focus on relationship-building with our clients and potential clients. I collaborate closely with our team leader campaign managers to make sure your requirements are respected. I'm a Lead Generations Bee.

Sundas Team Leader Manager

Hi I’m Sundas

Team Leader Manager

At Outreach Bee, I’m a team leader campaign Manager. I manage a team of web researchers and I make sure to complete all your campaigns on time and according to your targets. I’m a Team player Bee.

Melody Team Leader Manager

Hi, I’m Melody

Team Leader Manager

At Outreach Bee, I’m a team leader campaign Manager. I work closely with the web researchers to ensure you will get the right blogs for your link building campaigns. I’m a Team Leader Bee.

Blondy Campaign Manager

Hi, I’m Blondy

Campaign Manager

At Outreach Bee, I do campaign management. Reaching out to influencers and bloggers and making sure they place your links is my main task. I’m an Outreacher Bee.

Sajid Campaign Manager

Hi, I’m Jay

Campaign Manager

At Outreach Bee, I’m a Campaign Manager. I reach out to bloggers and influencers and convince them to publish your articles. I’m a Outreacher Bee.

Kalisha Campaign Manager

Hi, I’m Kalisha

Campaign Manager

At Outreach Bee, I do campaign management. Mean, communicating with bloggers and asking them to give backlinks to your site. I’m a Campaign Manager Bee.

Fabian Campaign Manager

Hi, I’m Fabian

Campaign Manager

At Outreach Bee, I’m a hard-working person who never takes my foot off the gas. I’m ambitious and am here to translate that ambition into meeting or exceeding your campaign goals. I’m a Campaign Manager Bee.

Adalberto Web Researcher

Hi, I’m Adalberto

Web Researcher

I’m a motivator and always in the good mood. I like to see people achieve their success, and I’ll do everything I can to make your campaign everything it can be.

Hi, I’m Noureen

Web Researcher

At Outreach Bee, I search blogsites according to your campaign requirements, specifically those with social media accounts. I’m a Researcher Social Bee.

Jesus Alberto Web Researcher

Hi, I’m Jesus Alberto

Web Researcher

At Outreach Bee, I find websites that meet your campaign requirements. I’m an easy going, which makes me a valued person within my team. I’m a Researcher Bee.

Kinza Web Researcher

Hi, I’m Kinza

Web Researcher

At Outreach Bee, I seek the blogsites according to your site niche to get the best results for your blogger outreach campaigns. I’m a Seeking Bee.

Luis Jose Web Researcher

Hi, I’m Luis Jose

Web Researcher

I have a comprehensive suite of skills to handle myself in different fields including communication, technology and research. However, my key strength is in customer service.

Nadia Web Researcher

Hi, I’m Nadia

Web Researcher

At Outreach Bee, I harvest the best websites for your link building campaigns. Getting relevant backlinks for you is my top priority. I’m a Harvest Bee.

Ray Web Researcher

Hi, I’m Ray

Web Researcher

At Outreach Bee, I search blogs for the North American market according to your campaign requirements. I’m a Web search Bee.

Amara Web Researcher

Hi, I’m Amara

Web Researcher

I’m Proactive and a natural leader. I’ve eventually been promoted to a leadership role in almost every job because I’m highly organized and a natural at helping people thrive. I’m all about efficiency and doing whatever it takes to get the job done to my client’s satisfaction.

Hans Web Researcher

Hi, I’m Hans

Web Researcher

At Outreach Bee, I research blogsites according to you campaign requirements. I am confident that I can find all the sites you need. I’m a Researcher Bee.

Sandra Web Researcher

Hi, I’m Sandra

Web Researcher

I'm a hard-working person who's always willing to learn and looking for new ways to grow my skills to better help my clients. I’m always on the ball when it comes to campaign management and am eager to help you succeed.

Imran Web Researcher

Hi, I’m Imran

Web Researcher

At Outreach Bee, I’m part of the blogs researcher team. Our work consists in finding blogsites that best meet your link building and blogger outreach campaigns. I’m a Finding Bee.

Ali Web Researcher

Hi, I’m Ali

Web Researcher

At Outreach Bee, you tell me what kind of sites you need, and I will spot them for sure. I am energetic, result oriented and passionate about my work. I’m a Spotting Bee.

Oliver Web Researcher

Hi, I’m Oliver

Web Researcher

At Outreach Bee, I’m here to search sites for your campaigns. Whatever niche and/or location you need, I can find them in time. I’m a World Searching Bee.

Jose Team Member

Hi, I’m Jose

Team Member

At Outreach Bee, I optimise our site to make it more users and SEO friendly. I’m the Friendly Bee.

Salil Team Member

Hi, I’m Salil

Team Member

At Outreach Bee, I’m oversee the On-page and Off-page Search Engine Optimization to keep our website Google-friendly. I’m a SEO-friendly Bee.

From us to you. Hi, there!

Team Member

We are always looking for a “people-first” attitude person to join our dynamic team. Are you this person? Then come, this is your space.

Hi, we are a team of content creators

At Outreach Bee, we focus on creating relevant, engaging, and high-quality content according to your niche.
We are Pam, Tim, Brian, Marialis, Brahim, Hamza. We are the Content Creator Bees.

Content Writers at Outreach Bee

Pam: I am a retired business manager who has been creating articles online since 2009. My goal is to always give unique and quality information to build your business. I don’t stop until it is done to your satisfaction. I’m a Retired-Working Bee.

Tim: Customer first. I always create articles to maximize customer engagement and to increase loyalty. I’m a Customer-Focus Writer Bee.

Brian: Top quality and informative content only. The readers should learn from my articles. This is my goal. I’m a High-Quality Writer Bee.

Marialis: I love to write any kind of content and translate them from English to Spanish while drinking a good cup of coffee. I’m a Writing Lover Bee.

Brahim: I write 100% unique, engaging, and informative articles based on your targeted keywords and URLs to get you high-quality, authoritative backlinks. I’m an Unique Writing Bee.

Hamza: I’m a senior content creator with over 5 years of professional experience. I can write branded content on different niches. I’m an Experienced Content Creator Bee.

More About Us

More About Us

As you can see, I’ve brought together a team from diverse backgrounds with one thing in common: our dedication to your success. Whether it’s directly managing campaigns with agency clients or showing a company that’s new to influencer outreach what this paradigm can do for your bottom line, we’ve got what it takes to steer your campaign clear of obstacles and reach or exceed your goals.

I always stress to my team that communication is key. You’ll never find yourself wondering what’s happening; you’ll hear from us on a regular basis, and we’ll make sure you (or your clients) are always up to speed on your campaign status.

If you want to know more about us or got questions, we’ll be right here with answers as we navigate today’s crowded influencer space.

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Do you have what it takes to meticulously manage client campaigns? Do you know the ins and outs of blogger outreach, link building and/or influence marketing? Can you carefully follow our formula for success while at the same time utilizing your own ideas to meet or exceed expectations and bring client campaigns across the finish line?

If you’ve been nodding your head, you might be Outreach Bee material! We’re a fun, passionate group who perpetually puts the client first in everything we do. Sound like you?

Introduce Yourself and we’ll go from there.