Influencer Marketing

Effective, Affordable Social Media Influencer Marketing

As we head into 2022, the term “influencer” has practically become a household name. Whether it’s TikTok, Instagram, or any other popular social media channel, stories abound of influencers and their antics.

But how do you put these “influencers” to work for you and your brand?

With The Outreach Bee on the task, it’s not as difficult or expensive as you might think.

Finding The Right Influencer for Your Niche

Whether you’re promoting a kids’ product or a premium business service, odds are you don’t need a Cristiano Ronaldo, with more than 315 million Instagram followers and currently scooping up $1.6 million per sponsored post, to connect with your target audience. The fact is: While there are certainly mega influencers like Ronaldo out there, there are also micro influencers boasting between 1,000 and 100,000 followers who are perfectly positioned to promote your product or service, whether it’s B2B, (think Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn,) or B2C (think Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.)

The Outreach Bee will scour the social media landscape, (depending on your brand) and engage with a host of micro influencers who would be thrilled to try your product without charging you an armload. We’ll show you which of them meet your requirements and give you the choice of whom you would like to pursue.

Leave The Details To Us

The world of social media influencer marketing is still the Wild West in many ways. Some influencers have established procedures for working with brands like yours; others have not. At Outreach Bee, my team and I are uniquely positioned to represent you and ensure that what the influencer is inclined to produce perfectly matches your brand identity.

We’ll set the price according to your requirements (whether it be monetary or simply the ability to try a new product,) and work with the influencer to create a story, post or, most likely, a video that will speak directly to your target audience.

Once we’re happy, we’ll make sure you’re happy, then we’ll let you know when the post will be going live on your influencers’ page.

Let Social Media Work Its Magic

Upon publication, we’ll ensure that a link to the original post is saturated across both your and your influencers’ social media channels. For instance, your influencer may not have a huge following on LinkedIn, but you might have an impressive number of connections who will want to know about this video and thereby amplify its popularity just by playing it.

With very little effort on your part, you’ll get to sit back and watch as your video, and hence your brand recognition, spreads far and wide across social media.

Continual Retargeting

Once the popularity of your video has peaked and plateaued, we’ll get together and come up with ways to ensure that the next one is viewed by even more of your prospects. And upon your request and when the time seems right, (and enough time has past so that you won’t be oversaturating your target audience,) we’ll begin another influencer marketing campaign.

Put The Proven Power of Social Media to Work for Your Brand

Despite story after story of brands going viral across social media, too many marketing directors out there don’t believe it could actually happen to their company. Well, trust us, it can and does, and with proper targeting and a compelling video, we can increase the chances that it will happen to you as well. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and increasingly TikTok boast a widely varied audience of professionals as well as consumers who can be effectively targeted thanks to the powerful capabilities of both platforms to show the most relevant content.

At Outreach Bee, we’re experts at connecting your company with the most effective influencers at a price that remains within your marketing budget. The ROI you’ll experience from the spread of your brand name across social media in addition to the specific marketing of your chosen product or service would have befuddled analysts a decade ago; now it’s yours for the taking.

Chat with us to learn how influencer marketing could be a gamechanger for your brand.