Campaign Management

Spend Your Time on What You’re Good At

Let Outreach Bee Manage Your Link Building, Blogger Outreach & Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Do you represent an SEO or PR agency?

Are you the marketing director or social media coordinator for a company large or small?

Either way, it’s a good bet that managing manual link building, blogger outreach, or influencer marketing campaigns is not really your forte. To be blunt, there are probably a million things you’d rather be doing than going back and forth with a blogger or influencer.

Introducing: Campaign Management from Outreach Bee

My team and I have been managing these campaigns since influencers became a term in the digital marketing lexicon – oh, more than ten years ago now.

The one thing we’ve discovered, especially these days, is that bloggers and influencers have zero patience for teaching newbies the ropes of how to interact with them.

In short, if you’re not speaking their language, they’re likely to drop you like a hot potato and find another opportunity – and you know how easy that is for them to do.

So, why not skip all the frustration from everyone involved and let Outreach Bee handle your campaign from inception to postmortem?

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Campaign Management for PR and SEO Agencies

Is your hunt for more clients constantly being interrupted because you need to take care of the ones you do have?

How much could you grow your business if you weren’t constantly bogged down with managing your current campaigns?

Well, typical PR campaigns may be beyond our purview, but manual link building, blogger outreach and influencer marketer campaigns are right in our wheelhouse.

Let us lighten your load by handling all of your current outreach campaigns as if they were our own – because really, they are.

White label campaign management directly on your behalf;

Meticulous attention to detail to keep campaigns flowing smoothly;

Frequent communication with your clients, and contact with you as often as you like, to keep everyone on the same page;

Premium care by my team and I (you’re not going to get my newest team member assigned to your campaign);

Comprehensive reporting upon campaign conclusion;

We realize that every campaign is different, and we’ll quite likely be communicating frequently at first. But once we get in the groove, you’ll be able to concentrate your firepower on attracting more clients while your current campaigns hum right along in the background – the best way to make money!

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Campaign Management for Companies

If a PR or SEO agency would rather have me manage their campaigns, allowing me to manage your campaigns is a no-brainer. I’m fully versed in all the tactics influencers can use to squeeze more money out of you, and I know how to get them back on track if your offer starts to fall down their priority list – with no hard feelings that could cause them to give your product short shrift.

Before I do anything though, the first step is us sitting down to come up with ambitious yet attainable goals for your campaign. This is really the step where I need you the most, because you undoubtedly know your niche better than I do. But once we nail down your goals, here’s what I’ll do so you don’t have to:

Scour my network and the web to find the most relevant influencers;

Negotiate the terms upon which your post will be provided (this is where my team and I can come in real handy);

Help create the content for the campaign (for bloggers, this might involve writing an article; for other influencers, it might involve giving them some general highlights we’d like to see in a video);

Finalize the content (with you);

Watch the metrics like a hawk when the social media views and organic traffic starts to flow and let the influencer know if I think anything is amiss (another spot where I can pay huge dividends);

And wrap it all up in a tidy report for your perusal for our postmortem where we discuss next steps.

Whether you’re an agency or a company, you owe it to yourself to put the Outreach Bee in command of your next campaign.

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