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Content marketing is undoubtedly a term you’ve heard before, but we’ve spent years long before Outreach Bee was born maximizing the effectiveness of this digital marketing paradigm.

Are you using content to drive traffic to your site in the most effective way possible?

Are you harnessing the true power of content marketing to organically increase your search engine rankings without running afoul of Google’s guidelines and risking punishment?

If you’re not sure to any of these, you need the expertise of the Outreach Bee.
But first, a little primmer.

Content Marketing Explained

At its most basic, content marketing is the paradigm of using web content such as articles and blog posts to drive traffic to a particular website. This content can either be posted directly on the site in question or posted elsewhere and backlinked to the desired website. Both approaches are critical to maximize traffic as well as search engine ranking.

There’s no doubt that content marketing was abused as digital marketing evolved. Once marketers realized that any barely legible article could help a site’s ranking as long as it included the target key words, the web was flooded with poor-quality blog posts, ezine articles, forum content, you name it.

Fortunately for those of us who care about the user experience, Google finally put its foot down and made changes to its algorithm that excluded that low-quality content from factoring into a site’s ranking. That resulted in the bar for content marketing being set quite a bit higher, which has certainly improved the quality of online search results.

Content is Still King

One of the reasons marketers liked content marketing so much in the past was that it was cheap compared to PPC, traditional PR and other forms of marketing – online and off. While the stricter requirements of Google have unquestionably raised cost, content marketing remains a very cost-effective marketing option. You may not be able to get away with paying $5 per article anymore, but the content you do pay for is much more likely to have a significant impact on your search engine ranking.

Do your research; determine which key words will be most effective; and create appropriate content on your website. With search engines’ modern AI-based operations, you don’t need to create one page for each variation of a key word. That will only waste your time and potentially annoy Google. Now, you only need to group your services over a page or three, depending on how many categories of products or services you offer. It’s easier for you, easier for your visitors, and search engines like it.

The other component of content marketing involves driving up your search engine ranking as well as bringing enthusiastic traffic to your website through backlinking. We cover this more thoroughly on the Link Building page, but gaining backlinks from sites with a high domain authority is a critical piece of modern digital marketing that you should not ignore.

Trust Your Content Marketing To Outreach Bee

Over my 12+ years in digital marketing from blogger outreach specifically to link building in general, I’ve become known as the queen of content marketing. I’ve seen it work wonders for brands large and small, pumping up their brand recognition, blowing up their search engine ranking, and constantly driving enthusiastic traffic to their site.

Let my team and I show you what content marketing can do. We’ll:

Bolster your backlink profile by posting quality, relevant content to high-authority sites in your niche;

Manage blogger outreach campaigns to enable you to harness the power of content marketing without lifting a finger;

And examine your current website and help you update the content as necessary to ensure you’re receiving optimal return on your content marketing investment.

Putting content marketing to its most effective use isn’t as simple as it once was. Now, you’ve got to pay close attention to guidelines and avoid cutting corners that can get you into trouble. Do it right, and you’ll see your website surge; do it wrong, and you may be harshly sanctioned by Google and other search engines.

At Outreach Bee, we’re perfectly positioned to help you build a thriving content marketing program that will pay huge dividends for years to come.

Isn’t it time you upped your content marketing game?
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