Getting started with influencer marketing | 5 things to keep.

getting started with influencer marketing

You have to identify your goal before starting an influencer marketing campaign. The goal is what you want to achieve from that campaign. Influencer marketing is not counted in terms of craze. Different brands are looking forward to it for successful outcomes. Due to this reason it influencer marketing is rising day by day. But getting started with influencer marketing is somehow tricky. Here are some steps that will help you in running your influencer marketing campaign effectively.

1. Identify your main goal

The first step towards getting started with influencer marketing campaign is identifying your main goal. A goal is the amount of attention or customers you are expecting to get from your marketing campaign. Identify what you want to achieve from that specific influencer marketing campaign. A major reason to hire influencers is to help create and promote unique brand content for a business. Such type of branded content is created for some specific events or a particular product.

A survey lets us know that 89% of marketers used influencer marketing campaigns to create unique, authentic, and attractive content. 77% of marketers used influencer marketing campaigns for engagement towards their brand. At the same time, 56% of marketers used channels for getting traffic on their page or websites. So, figure out your goal first and then create KPIs, which stands for key performance indicators. KPIs are used to monitor your growth and how many goals you have achieved.

2. Define a proper profile of an influencer marketer

It is important to define an influencer marketer’s proper profile to succeed in your campaign by getting started with influencer marketing. Reaching out of a suitable influencer that matches your company profile can help you grow exponentially. Many brands face a lot of problems while identifying a suitable and right marketing influencer for their campaign. It can result in a serious loss of time and money. When you are choosing perfect marketing, Influencer it is better for you to follow the rules written below to save your time and money:

  • The Influencer you are hiring should be active and also shares unique and high-quality content for your brands.
  • The hired marketing influencer should be able to engage a large amount of audience towards the brand. And the audience should be active and also likes and comments on posts.
  • Content produces by the Influencer should be authentic and should attract the audience towards the brand. As a result, they will generate more traffic for your brand or product.
  • He/she should use a specific but unique theme and style which has similarities to your brand.

Do not get impressed by the influencers’ size, as some of them are small while some are big. Smaller influencers are known as micro-influencers. Sometimes, smaller marketing influencers help you in succeeding in your campaign by achieving goals effectively. As smaller influencers help brands in reaching their goal more than bigger influencers. And the main reason behind this achievement by micro-influencers is because of their engagement rates.

Let us have an example of Instagram influencers. Instagram influencers who have followers around about ten thousand (10,000) to one lac (100,000) have more engagement than those Instagram influencers having one million to ten million followers.

3. Discover some potential marketing influencer

After following the two steps explained above, now you know what type of marketing influencer you are looking forward to for your brand for getting started with influencer marketing. After all this, you have to discover and identify a suitable influencer who works to matches your branding and company’s style. So, discovering a potential marketing influencer who shares the same style as your brand or product is a little bit difficult and tricky. But some tools will help you in identifying potential influencers for your brand or product. These tools are BuzzSumo, Ninja outreach, LinkedIn, etc. Still, to make this process even more effortless and to make sure that you are working with the finest influencers.

It is then suggested that you contact an agency specializing in sponsored blog posts, high-quality content, and social influencing services. Another effective method to find influencers is by manually searching for the hashtags and the keywords. It will help you find the influencers that are related to your industry and field. The influencers related to your field will help a lot in the growth of your brand and product. These influencers will be able to create unique content which is related to your product more easily and effectively. As they will be aware of how to attract traffic specifically for your brand. Finding the right influencers for your product will help your brand grow exponentially. So it is suggested that you pay a lot of attention to this task.

4. Provide rewards for marketing influencer

Before approaching the influencers, ensure that offered rewards help you to protrude the rest. For some brands, it is more challenging. An additional bonus with financial rewards offers to Influencer are the reasons to motivate them more to work.

The most common motivations for influencers showed up by surveys study are creating high-quality content, increasing the reach and engagement, and receiving additional bonuses like discount and free products, image shaping, and money-earning. Marketing influencers will help to achieve more success through marking by doing more work if you offer them additional bonuses.

5. Measure the results

After getting started with influencer marketing and your marketing campaign, you should check daily to confirm that it helped you to meet your required objectives or not.

KPIs, you set in the first point are the best way to find out the results. You can estimate the progress on the google sheet on which metrics are set. After this, you may learn more about running the influencer marking and steps to improve them.


  1. Influencer marketing helps in creating real and unique content for various brands
  2. It also helps in generating authentic product reviews
  3. Content generated by influencers is very cost-effectively
  4. Easily get the attention of the younger generation on their brand

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