10 free keyword research tools of 2021 to get more traffic

Free keyword research tool

The key to every kind of business strategy is targeted keywords. But it also about sentences and concerns the target audience is looking for solutions, goods, and services. When you finish your keyword analysis, the collection of this knowledge can be very time-engaging. And this includes developing improved SEO strategies, campaigns for public relations, Idea generation of content video, words, etc. Many websites have proven beneficial to provide you with a free keyword research tool that will help you boost your business. If you are on the way to making a marketing site, then use keywords in your websites to increase your business strategy and save your time and money.

Tools to find keywords

Several free resources could be used to collect this useful data. Here are ten keyword resources that are open, easy to have, and full of useful data promoters and companies to strengthen their business model. Here are the methods that I’m starting to expose for you:

1. Google trends

Google Trends helps you understand the importance of keywords, gives insightful information about geographic differences, and is a useful source in evaluating variability and shifts in google search usage over time for particular keywords. This information is useful since you can stop springing on a past pattern can see what’s important for Google users. It is one of the most used websites for a free keyword research tool. Google Trends offers you a range of questions relating to your strategy and consultancy strategy, which brings you more suggestions for keyword research and advertising and your geographic perspectives:

2. SEMrush free option

The SEMrush keyword magic tool offers a great deal of detail and is easy to use when researching keywords. Community individuals can add ten applications a day, but be aware that any question in this method is below the maximum cap of 10 requirements in domain analysis and SEO audit. You will find extensive matching keywords, matching phrases, exact matching, related topics, and search results in each email. If you are looking forward to a free keyword research tool, then this website is for you.

3. Question DB

Quora is a huge forum for millions of people to talk about problems, find answers, and find solutions. QuestionDB has developed a huge Reddit registry that assesses relevance even by classification, using a keyword. The tool advises using a loaded word that people usually write on the search bar to find their products.  Local people do about 75% of google search that either finds by inserting simple search words, and these words will be shown to you by question  DB.

4. Answer the Public

It is a wonderful tool to find sentences where you could not have overlooked or wondered about. The Public has a free beta of their feature that enables you to see issues and sentences visualized around a certain root keyword. The linked sentences are great for research and thinking. Please note that you must spend to even get geographic details for each root term in the Pro plan. See how the tool does. They divide the information by chronological order and associated searches of critical questions, prepositions, searches. Answer the Public surely provide you with a free keyword research tool that will boost your business.

5.  Soolve

Distinctions of interest on various channels are beginning to wonder. Soovle can quickly produce top keywords for Wikipedia, Google, Amazon, responses.com, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo. Insert one keyword, and words on each portal logo are generated. Are you looking to generate your company logo? Go to this website?

6. YouTube Autocomplete

They have syntax highlighting options when browsing on YouTube, connected with your question, and checked by users. You should study each of the questions presented and search for user-specific keywords. You can also see which consumers are looking for which targeting campaigns to be oriented. YouTube monetization is one thing to which every Youtuber is looking around, and so in this way, this site will be of fundamental importance for a free keyword research tool.

7. Amazon autocomplete

We all remember we can guess the number of searches every day on their website. No reason to justify how many users are shopping on Amazon. As autocompletes, keyword phrases are a treasure trove of data that anybody can use.

8. Google Ads

Someone else that can be taken into account with Google Ads, but it is also a significant component of keyword concepts, can make a certain difference to pay every click. It is better to have access to a bank that invests money on Google Ads to collect keyword suggestions for a website. If you do not have access to such an account, Google usually has more reliable statistics than large keyword traffic ranges. I mentioned this particular line in my keyword analysis book. If you are looking for a keyword from your account which does not consciously invest in Google Ads, Google sometimes can not provide you with the right information.

9. Keyword tool dominator

You are restricted to 3 queries a day per tool for a new subscription. The details for each request can be downloaded. Each application includes a summary of keywords, and in certain software, you must choose each area. You can see keyword information from several very big platforms in this tool.

10. Also asked

Another free keyword tool named “Asked” developed to help advertisers comprehend grouping inquiries. These queries will support keywords  and guide which product questions need to be answered.


Any company policy needs a free keyword research tool. Google Trends allows you to consider keyword significance. Autocomplete from YouTube and autocomplete from Amazon are other resources for free keyword analysis. The magic tool SEMrush provides a lot of information and is easy to use when looking for keywords. Question DB Question Any day, Quora is an enormous platform for millions to discuss issues, find ideas, and find solutions. The tool recommends using a loaded title, which people normally write to find their items in search bars.

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