How any eCommerce business can take advantage of micro-influencer Marketing


The boom of eCommerce business has made kings out of paupers. Opening an eCommerce store on platforms like Shopify, amazon, etc. has never been as easy as it is today with third-party service providers offering convenient eCommerce data entry services. However, this has also resulted in the eCommerce industry becoming crowded.

This has resulted in the industry becoming far more competitive than it has ever been. As such, many eCommerce leaders were clamoring for a cost-effective marketing strategy that would help get the word about their business out in the world. Eventually, this is what led to the introduction of what we now call influencer marketing. 

Influencer Marketing and the Rise of Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing is the strategy of leveraging the popularity of social media personalities to spread awareness about a business. Famous social media personalities, which range from famous celebrities like singers, actors to Instagram models are tapped to promote or market an eCommerce business normally for a commission or upfront payment. Influencer marketing has come out today as one of the most lucrative marketing strategies that help businesses build trust with potential customers on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

For influencer marketing to work, you need to find reputable media personalities with a substantial follower base. Influencers on social media can be divided into Macro-influencers, super-influencers, and micro-influencers on the basis of followers. In this article, we are going to focus on micro-influencer marketing. 

Micro-Influencers are influencers who have more than 5000 followers, but less 100,000 followers on their social media account. So, they do have a significant fan base, but not enough to turn into full-time influencers.

How Micro-Influencers Help You with Marketing

There are many valid reasons as to why micro-influencers are the focus of this article, and not macro-influencers or super-influencers. To state the obvious, if you have just begun your eCommerce business, there is no way you can afford super influencers. So you better start doing micro-influencer marketing.

Micro-influencers can be easily tapped and influenced to do your bidding for an affordable rate. The major advantage they have for businesses is despite them having more or less 5000 followers; these followers make for hardcore loyalists that trust the media personality they follow. A micro-influencer, due to their low but substantial follower base can conveniently engage and reply to comments by their followers. As such, these followers treat influencers like their trusted friends.

Easy to Build Relationships

As compared to Macro or super influencers, they haven’t reached the heights of fame that make it difficult to connect with very famous celebrities. They haven’t tasted the limelight or haven’t been tainted by the toxic world of internet fame.

Most micro-influencers are passionate about the world they have created for themselves on social media. They genuinely love their followers and are keen to jump at the opportunity to partner up with paying sponsors. 

Simply put, it is easier to build relationships with micro-influencers than it is with any other kind of influencer.

Quality Promotion

You can opt for a super influencer with millions of followers like Kendall Jenner and spread awareness about your product to a vast space of potential customers. But, does it really amount to quality promotion. What value do you get from one post by Kendall Jenner that can easily get lost in her vast gallery of sponsored posts?

The reality is that even if you do get a hold of someone as famous as Kendall Jenner to talk about your product, it will not result in immediate sales. With micro-influencers, you get quality posts wherein the influencer not only posts about your product but also engages with their audience to answer comments about your product.

Cost-Effective of a Micro-influencer

This is the most obvious reason to go for micro-influencers. You don’t have to spend millions of dollars on micro-influencers for one post. Most micro-influencers can be affiliated with at affordable prices. Some even agree to work on the basis of a mutually agreed-upon commission rate.

As such, you only pay the influencer for every sale made through their post. So instead of unnecessarily wasting money on ads, you only pay when a sale has been made.

Higher Engagement of Micro-influencer

This is just a fact. Super influencers or macro-influencers have a significantly lower engagement rate than micro-influencers. A micro-influencer, due to their low but substantial follower base can conveniently engage and reply to comments by their followers. As such, these followers treat influencers like their trusted friends. Micro-influencers can talk to their audiences, which in turn turns their followers into hardcore loyalists. Their followers will not only make for good customers but will also further spread word of mouth about your product in their private social circles. Micro-influencers are a great source of quality leads. 

The Bottom Line of Micro-influencer

Micro-influencers, in all aspects, make for better influencers than high profile celebrities. They help you get quality leads at an affordable rate, with the help of quality promotion tactics. So, if you are an eCommerce business looking to adopt an micro-influencer marketing strategy, then you better start looking from the bottom. 


About the Author:  Patricia is a Senior Content Marketing Strategist working for Perfect Data Entry, an offshore data entry company that is lauded in the industry for their top-quality outsourcing services and unparalleled price. Company assists you outsource ecommerce data entry services like ecommerce product listing service, customer support, order processing etc. Throughout her long reputable experience working as a content strategist, she has helped her company create content that both engages and converts prospects into loyal clients. Over the years Patricia has been the recipient of many accomplishments and rewards.


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