SEO basics for bloggers | 10 Tips for better search engine optimization


Today, SEO is a common term for getting recognition in the industry. For beginners, SEO is a method that improves a website in ways that assist in ranking in the search result, especially when a user searches for phrases and words. Do you want to improve your search ranking? SEO marketing is the right choice for new and old businesses. The latest SEO basics for bloggers help to get past your competitors more quickly in 2020. The SEO world is dynamic. The techniques and rules that you used last year will not be applicable in the coming year. To halt on the tops of the SERP, an SEO needs to improvise and adapt new things constantly.

How do SEO basics for bloggers work?

SEO basics for bloggers are significant because, in a simple way, it is how on search engines, visitors find your site. Yes, Search engine traffic contributes to a large number of visitors, and if effective techniques are being used, then it boosts your presence online. It is good to use SEO basics for bloggers’ strategies without getting too technical to make your blog or site search engine friendly. Some of the helpful techniques are given below.

  1. Give an appropriate tile to your all posts

This is one of the most important factors. The title must be search-based. It means you need to choose a title that is related to your search on Google. Always keep this factor in mind that for which word and phrase, visitors are searching. So, create a catchy title from that. This technique is effective for your important posts. It enables people to find through a search.

  1. Catchy title

You know that title is significant, and it plays a vital role in SEO. It does not appear on the actual post only, but it is visible on the title bar of the browser. The majority of the visitors open the link or post due to the impressive title. If it is not a catchy phrase, then most of the readers ignore it. So, the title must be SEO optimized. This increases the interest of the viewers in the post.

  1. Informative content

Always choose a unique concept. Your post or article must contain some points and facts that can catch the interest of the reader. It will be a good idea that your post must have famous search phrases/terms within the post. Your content must be informative, unique, and the use of a specific phrase must be repeated in a natural way.

  1. Research keywords properly

Before finalizing your ideas for a post, take your time to search-relevant keywords. You must be clear on the point of what people look for. In this way, you can make changes to your content that can meet the reader’s requirements. It is the right way to drive conversation and high rankings. For a keyword search, the use of appropriate tools like Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, and Kw finder is efficient.

  1. Keywords stuffing is not a good idea

Most people consider that the search engine reads Metadata strictly, and it fills your Meta tags up with the descriptions and keywords to attain excellent results. It is not true. If you stuff your website with certain keywords, it leaves a negative impact and reduces the ranking.

  1. Text use instead of an image

The use of appropriate words and phrases is better. The heading is the right way because the search engine does not read images. You should wrap it in a heading tag. When Google crawls your site, it looks for heading tags. So, this strategy will be more helpful.

  1. Image searches

Google finds the images but in a different process. It appears in the search result of images instead of showing the text results. So, you need to give an appropriate title.

  1. Get backlinks

Focus on the strategy to generate high-quality backlinks because they know the significance of it. Google gives the ranking, and other search engines give ranking to the pages. It means all the websites need backlinks: other search engines and Google like the sites that contain links, relevance, and authority to similar websites.

In 2020, link building is a method of earning links. It improves the website’s reputation and matters where it ranks in search engines. If you create links on your own, it may be risky. You need to create a website or business content attractive for social shares and organic links. In the long run, unnatural links will not be helpful. There are some ways to earn or build these backlinks.

  1. Remove everything and improve the speed

Do you find your site is full of clutter like banners, random images, and others then it is a big hurdle in a good flow? Now, clean your website by removing unused images, old outgoing links, and others. It improves the loading speed of the site.

  1. Website analysis

It helps you stay ahead of your competitors. This tactic gives you insights into the recent state of your website. You need to overlook your page speed, spam scores, descriptions, and page titles. An SEO audit helps in evaluating your site performance.

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