3 simple tips to do SEO of a tiny website of yours with least backlinks

SEO of a tiny website

When we say SEO and especially SEO of a tiny website, it may stress us how to do it without having backlinks? SEO of website did mean having results in months or a year which scares business owners or investors to invest in SEO or not.

Google has made almost 3200 changes in it’s algorithm just in one year which is quite interesting for every one in internet marketing. Fortunately, these changes are to make a website be able to achieve a top spot quickly. Now SEO and especially SEO for tiny websites can pay back in short time.

Content and backlink do help businesses to get found by the prospects. Most of the time, the new businesses either don’t know about it or they don’t afford to invest in these ingredients. Let’s see how to do SEO of a tiny website or a website which is only 10 days old.

Advanced guide helps to do SEO for tiny website

Content is the king and it can not be ignored or denied. Even though you are about to launch your website or having a website, may be 10 25days old, you need some content. Or if I get moderate, you need at least one article or page for one product or service you are selling on your tiny website.

The next step is to screen all your competitors to find out what keywords they are ranking for the piece of content they are ranking. Take the URL of your competitor’s website and put it in the search bar of Ubersuggest. There you need to check the top-ranking pages report and find out the required page which you are working for your website. Then find all the keywords competitor’s page is ranking for and list them in spread sheet or a MS-Word document. Once you have screened all the keywords, compare your current version of the content and redefine each section on the same spread sheet or MS-Word document.

The last and the most important part of this tip is to redo your whole content to come up with an advanced guide about the product. The guide should contain each and every important keyword in it at all the appropriate places. Please don’t stuff the keywords but use them with context to reflect more value to the readers. Don’t forget to add important or useful images to make the content more appealing.

Promote, Promote, Promote

The repetitive word in subheading is saying Promote the copy around the internet. But maybe, you would have thinking whom to promote? Ubersuggest can help you find all who have backlink the copy of your competitors. Get the details of the respective webpage to move on the next phase of sharing. To all the people who have given space to your competitors by giving backlink, start sending emails to all the people to request a link back on the basis of having a better and more valuable piece of content than of competitors. If you find a list which is long enough like 150 to 300 URLs, don’t be worried at all. Stretch your muscles and send email to every single person who gave backlink to your competitors.

For social sharing, you need to get help from Twitter.com by visiting search.twitter.com. once you are on the URL, you need to give the URL of your competitor’s site and you will get all the tweets being done on the URL and then make the lists. Once created the list, DM them with the link to the piece of post you created to let them see and retweet.

You should aim to spend 50% of your time to promote your content using above tactics. Even if you got a 1% success getting link backs you are winner.

Nurture your community

Whenever you got a comment on your website or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other place you have existence, do reply to them. Doing so you are actually nurturing your own community. People love you and love your content to get help or more value from it. This will help you build a strong authority in your space.

The other benefit of participating in replying, you are getting more social links. Further you are also getting branded search in the search engines which tells search engines that your brand is most searched than that of your competitors.

All the above practices are researched and designed to help you do SEO of a tiny website. Once you start getting more backlinks and social signals you will be more confident on the method described above. How did you plan to do SEO for tiny website of your business or service?

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