Landing page optimization to increase conversion rate to your online business

landing page optimization

Every website develops on a set of web pages which contain some information. These web pages are interlinked to each other to create a good structure of the website. It is always good and suggested to create landing pages related to your product or services. A landing page is described as a webpage where you drop your relevant traffic. There is a thumb rule to create a landing page, one keyword one page. If you are creating a landing page taking more than one keyword, it will be hard to rank it. This is called landing page optimization.

No matter either you are an enterprise or running an affiliate, you always require a landing page to offer a product or service. The main goal of a landing page is to get more conversions which are not possible without landing page optimization. If a landing page you created is not converting, then there is something that needs to redo. Today we shall look at what matters in landing page optimization to convert your traffic to sales. These methods landing page optimization are very simple yet effective to boost the conversion rate of your landing page.

Landing page optimization – Focus on one keyword

As we discussed in opening paragraphs that the first rule of landing page optimization is to focus on one keyword, it is important. If we are focusing on more than one keyword, we are distracting our visitor from within our landing page. Another way, the focus of the landing page is diverted. The foremost thing that hurt the landing page is, a search engine like Google will not consider ranking our landing page. Because the focus of the landing page is on more than one keyword, why would search engine consider it for one main keyword?

Now go back to your landing page and find out all the other keywords which diverting the focus of your landing page. Once you find all the other keywords, either delete their appearance or redo the text to get the focus back to the targeted keyword.

Remove navigational options

As you have converted the focus of your landing page to one main keyword, it’s time to get your page rid of unwanted touch points. While reaching at the landing page, if your page is showing top navigation it may divert the visitor at the wrong section of your website. Once the visitor is diverted, you cannot get your visitor back to the desired page.

It is highly recommended to keep the navigation away on the landing page. Yes, you can keep a call to action at the top at navigation or top menu. This will help visitors only to keep the focus on the section which is important for your business.

make large paragraphs easy to read

You would have seen many landing pages which have sections. The text of those sections is tiny that cannot be seen hence overlooked. Other than some sections, the text is as tiny as it cannot be seen with the help of the naked eye. Here the question arises, why everyone is following the footsteps?

The next step in landing page optimization is to redo the text size of the section which is not readable.

Landing page optimization – reduce footer navigation

Most of the time the footer of a webpage holds navigation of the whole website. Though footer is the last part of the landing page, the importance of the footer navigation is high. Again, if your visitor doesn’t find the information good, they will either not convert or may start navigation from the links available at the footer of the website.

Landing page optimization teaches us to remove navigation from the footer as well. Doing so you want the focus of the website at product or service related to your website. Fix it!

Landing page optimization – add a call to action within each section

Once the landing page optimization is done for all the above tips, it’s time to add a call in every section of the landing page. The basic principle of a call to action is to provide offers of the product or services. A call to action is kind of motivation to the visitor to make his/her ready quickly.

We tried to add more value by following g developing the landing page. Write back to us with your recommendations. How have you been doing the landing page?

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