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Social media and digital marketing platforms have shift online marketing paradigm to the next level. Now it is easy to get found by the prospects using social media marketing tools with smart strategies. No doubt, every single digital marketer is working hard and smart to bring its business and brand to the next level to meet the expectations of their customers. For the purpose they come-up with the best practices in the social media marketing to stand out from competitors. For the purpose there are many diversified social media marketing tool available in the market which can enable you to enhance your social media marketing skills.

AdInboxMe | Social media marketing tool

On Facebook, you have an opportunity to learn from competitors within the niche and from the influencers, respectively. To me, this is the smart way to get into the best practices with the blend of competitor’s marketing campaigns. With the help of this tool you will be able to keep an eye on all the marketing campaigns and Ads launched by your competitors.

AdInboxMe tool is launched by the team at PixelMe. It is particularly helpful to keep tracking on all the campaigns and Ads launched by your competitors. Using this tool, you need to provide an email to the system of AdInboxMe and selecting your competitors. Rest leave on the software as it will keep monitoring your competitors for all the new campaigns and Ads published by them. The good thing about AdInboxMe is, it is free and for always.

Creator Studio by Facebook

Creator Studio by Facebook is an online utility which help you to create, publish and engage all your content from one place. Using the utility, you can easily manage all the content that you are intent to publish on all your marketing pages. Not only this, you can also manage all the interactions on all your Facebook pages created for every brand and product in particular.
Further, you can also check how your videos are performing being published on all of your pages. This social media marketing tool also help you get video insights across all of your pages on Facebook.

Above all, the latest news about Creator Studio by Facebook is, you are allowed now to schedule and post your content on the Instagram. Doing so you can move your social media marketing to next level.

Instagram Greenscreen feature

Instagram is very attractive to mobile users since its launch. To the proof, as of June 2018, there are nearly 1 billion monthly active users. And as of June 2018, there are nearly 500 million daily active users on Instagram. Instagram introduces an attractive feature, like in Facebook, Instagram Stories. You can avail the Instagram stories feature within the Instagram app and can capture and post interesting images and video content in slideshow format. Once published, the Instagram Stories will appear in an arranged sequence and show up in follower’s feeds.

To make Instagram Stories more attractive, now you can use greenscreen feature of Instagram Stories. Using greenscreen feature, you can replace the background on an Instagram Story with other images. This social media marketing tool enhance the tool within itself and allow users to come up with more interactive Instagram Stories. They’ve also revealed information about some efforts to improve their web performance.

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