Effective Branding for First Impression

First Impression

Acing the first impression is an imperative aspect of branding and design. Even though the first five-second judgment is only based on visual and action cues, the first impression will ultimately last. Once this perception is made, reviving the foremost is impossible. In this context, marketing and design are fundamental headliners in conspiring impression for a business brand. From your logo, the copy, your website design, the overall aesthetics, people will perceive you based on what they see first.

The value and assistance you provide to customers and clients are also indispensable aspects of the business. However, regardless of these elements, we make assessments about competence and character based on external skin.

In the present time, it is impossible for companies to compete in the technological landscape without arising competitions. With the right resources and innovative mindset, marketers can create a formula on how to make their brand commercially viable and valuable. These competitors are fellow enterprising-minded people who aim to bring prospective clients on-board to ride on their journey.

We have our fair share of dilemmas upon how brand personality and core messages resonate to the target audience. Sometimes, we question ourselves with the basic like: Should I start with the key colors? What typographic treatments should I incorporate on this design? We ask these sentiments during the initial stage of the business; for some when they kick in the marketing campaigns on the process. Ultimately, we care about ensuring business goals and objectives are reflected in marketing initiatives we make for an outstanding first impression.


Integrating Effective Design Elements for Branding

Creating a compelling visual identity allows your target audience to understand your business brand. Let it be a web design, promotional posters, digital ads or social posts, marketers should understand the right design elements to reinforce excellent brand image. In graphic design, they say the sky’s the limit. You have the creative judgment on how can the palette of colors and varying shapes play to your full advantage.

In creating an effective design, one must understand the prime purpose of one’s business objectives and goals. Thereafter, you can go on analyzing how the prospect audience would react by understanding consumers behavior. Subsequently, the right design elements will be leveraged to humanize the message intended to convey. For some businesses, for example in the law industry, employing of serious tone through the graphics is customary to represent formality. This standard is evident in the structure (e.g, minimal fonts, geometric shapes, dark colors etc.) and also on the language used.

For other companies, integrating of modern aesthetic fashion are advocated to reach out to the younger audience. Clever marketers oftentimes go beyond design rules to revolutionize designs. These brands adapt to a more hippy yet innovative scheme of marketing to stand out in the swarming crowd and thrive to in the cutthroat competitions. Ultimately, modernity in this marketing is executed to add value and accessibility to the digital landscape.



The brand image is your go-to authority to ace-out first impression. It is a crucial aspect of every business in building relationship with the right audience. Understanding the business and choosing the right marketing people are your alpha move to build a brand that people will talk about. With this, you can incorporate your innovative ideas to amplify the marketing initiatives that would suit the service.


About Author: Sonny Temblor is a resident content and social media specialist at Blueprint Business Solutions. He graduated with a degree in Mass Communication and had a journalism stint before venturing into blogging and digital marketing. He is a social media hipster who enjoys pop-culture and contemporary literature as major interests. Aside from his penchant for writing — Sonny is also smitten in classic horror flicks.


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