Email Marketing in 2020: A Step by Step Guide

Email Marketing

Email Marketing has always been an important part and parcel of business. It has been proved to be the most efficient and reliable marketing method among the other for a significant time. It is the most comfortable way to connect and turn people into mature customers. You will be able to comprehend the entire procedure for setting up an email account for marketing needs in this guide.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the most effective approaches in the field of digital marketing. Hence, it is used to send emails to individuals and turning newcomers into long-term reliable and loyal customers and existing customers as your admirers.

Undoubtedly, our step-by-step guide is mainly for persons wanting to bind themselves with email marketing. You may have a look at our guide, particularly on why you need to build an email list.

 The guide is extensive and comprehensive; therefore, it has been divided into sections.

Email Marketing is Essential

Everyone seems to be interested in learning about email marketing. Nevertheless, they have never taken attention to the reasons due to which email marketing can skyrocket your company and business. Email Marketing is still the most reliable and efficient way to reach individuals and turn them into your clients regardless of the sudden increase in the use of social networking and never-ending unwanted junk emails.

There are some factors for which you should consider email marketing on your topmost priorities, given below:

Emails are widely used

On average, 99 percent of users go-through their emails regularly, which is higher than any social platform or communication channel.

Create email lists

There are numerous advantages to creating and having your email list. Business or personal accounts on the majority of social networks can be deferred or deleted without any specific reason and notice. However, nobody can take your email list from you,

Emails are better than social platforms

It is estimated that email marketing returns almost 4400% on investment. Furthermore, people being marketed using emails are more likely to spend 138% than others. You can quickly get three times more orders by email marketing as compared to social platforms. 

Using Email Providers

There is a plethora of email account providers out in the market. But our work is much better than opting for ordinary email service providers. Get the best system in which you refine your targeted list and send messages directly into their accounts. Moreover, you can set up the automatic email service available, which will make your work much more manageable.

 Start developing your email list

The majority of people won’t build a small email option on their webpages, hoping the users sign up for promotions. However, such strategies do not work anymore.

In order to improve your email list, there is a need to provide some attractive or eye-catching offers to them. For this purpose, you need a tool name as a lead magnet.

Lead Magnet

You can say this tool is something that provides free material to people in exchange for their email addresses. It is free of cost, and there no need to create content. The majority of these lead magnets provide digital content like MP3 audios, PDFs, etc. You can give away anything while giving to the interest level of visitors to your webpage.

Some examples of lead magnets are given below:

  • Resources Sheet
  • eBooks
  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Free Sample or Trials
  • Self-Assessment
  • Quizzes or Coupons

There are uncountable examples of lead magnets. You can have a look at our ideas about it.

Signs of Good Lead Magnet

There are five signs of effective lead magnets. As you know, most of them are free cost. 

Can be consumed easily

These lead magnets work effectively when the visitors click on them. Delivery something irrelevant is not a good idea. 

Quality Information

Your lead magnet must provide your audience with some valuable and reliable quality of information such as skillset or something like an action-able tool.

Improvements make noticeable changes

Continuous improvement helps to attract people, and they buy products if it seems nice. Therefore, it more essential to make lead magnet valuable like your services or products.


You must have to complete your homework on all aspects of your project. Thus, you will face no issue or trouble while setting a lead magnet.

Immediate Rewarding

The audience always love sudden enjoyment or pleasure. You have already learned about the lead magnet. To make them more creative, you have to create an opt-in form.

The essential component of Opt-in Form

The opt-in form is used to enhance the look and improve the working of your lead magnet. Therefore, more people are attracted to subscribe to your email newsletter. Vital components to create an opt-in form that converts;

Attractive Headlines

Your headline should obviously and clearly describe the main advantages of the lead magnet.

Useful Descriptions

Your description should be clear and concise. Using bullet points will surely help to attract the reader’s eye towards the content. 

Striking Visuals

Having good visuals towards the opt-in form will assuredly boost conversions.  

Simpler Form

Asking for more details about the visitor is not a good idea. Simple, ask for their email and let me know about your reward.

Captivating the subscribe button

You must look to color your subscribe button attractive and make it according to the theme. So, it must pop colorful on the page. 

After creating your opt-in form, you will put to somewhere on your webpage. These places can be splash Page, Welcome Gate, Floating Bar, Website Header, Blog Page or post, Sidebars, Header or footer, etc.


Well, this is it. We really hope you learned something from this guide. If you have any comment/question, please use the box below.


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