Top five reasons why consumers opt into a brand’s text messages

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Most consumers want to use messaging to communicate with their favorite brands. While there are many different reasons customers subscribe to a brand’s SMS marketing campaign. Consumers said they found the brand’s text messages to be useful, less than half of global businesses have the infrastructure in place to fulfill this customer demand. Brands large and small are using the mobile channel as a customer relationship management tool; text messages have been there for decades but are they still relevant. Customers are interested in opting into an SMS marketing program for one reason or another. Useful and meaningful content to ensure that customers stay opted-in to your mobile list. Consumers message more than they call. Brands need to build their opt-in database and inspire consumer loyalty, and that trend will increase exponentially in 2020.

So, there are the top five reasons why consumers opt into a brand’s text messages. Let’s check them out.

  1. Discount Coupons

Text Marketing SMS Coupons or Text Promotions are text messages which are sent to your targeted audiences. 95 out of 100 of your customers who have opted to a brand’s text messages are willing to receive these messages. Offering discount coupons to your SMS subscribers is a great way to encourage them to make a purchase. Marketing through television and radio broadcast messages is declining, offering customers the latest products, services, discounts, events, and upcoming offers via SMS is now in the trend.

Consumers who have joined mobile loyalty programs feel they have gained value from them when they receive discount coupons. The important thing is to find a coupon that entices them to take action. Discount coupons are a quick, affordable, and simple way to reach customers at home with your brand code. SMS coupons get ten times the redemption rate of traditional coupons; it can have a significant impact on a person’s decision to buy something from you. People are willing to share their phone numbers with a business if they received high discounts, free products, buy one get one free offer, cross-selling offers and sweepstakes entries, etc. You can reach out to different customer segments, like a loyal customer, occasional customers, customers who haven’t visited in the past 60 days, new members, etc. It is so common for businesses to offer a gift, especially one with purchase. 

  1. Personalized alerts

Customers want to receive personalized recommendations and alerts, mostly people are happy to receive text messages from doctor’s offices, sports leagues, and churches. A personalized text message is an SMS created using subscribers’ data, the most successful businesses have been using personalized text message marketing for years. Message personalization boosts conversions, but today personalization is not only inserting the Name of the customer in the message to make them feel that message is meant especially for them. It’s also about considering subscribers’ data such as time, age, country, gender, etc. for providing them with more valuable offers and updates at the right time. Restaurants like Domino’s have been using text marketing to increase their revenue for years; it means that if you personalize your messages, your outreach will be more effective. You can do it with any small messaging tool implemented with SMS/Email service providers. SMS personalization is one of the most engaging tools in digital marketing, it can make your efforts stand out.

  1. For quick access to information

Smartphones being a habit of all of us today, our phones are the quickest way to access information. We are kind of addicted to checking messages frequently. We check messages a lot more than emails as people expect emails to be formal, stuffy, and verbose. A traditional text message is 160 characters and technology offers many options for electronic communication. But text messaging is still everyone’s preference when it’s something urgent. It is also an efficient and cost-effective way to reach customers and supporters. People expect texts to be casual, friendly, and concise due to which SMS have high open rates. Mostly text messages are not elaborated, they are clear and action-oriented resulting in quick access to information.

  1. To participate in contests

People now days love to participate in competitions, games, contests, and lucky draws. When asked if they were likely to share their phone number to receive text messages with organizations asking then to participate in a contest. Costumers would hardly miss a chance to participate in a contest sponsored by the brand they trust, especially when it is without any entry fee. Companies that have a text-messaging alert system can save time gathering participants for any contest they organize online or offline to promote a brand. The use of a text-messaging alert system can also be cost-effective for a business. SMS notification is a great way to engage and build loyal customers. There is no way for the target recipient to ignore the message sent through text messaging. SMS alert about contests updates customers without any extra effort and without disturbing their daily routine.

  1. Event notifications

Socializing is being more and more important, people want to receive notification regarding events organized by their favorite brands. Sending event notifications via text messages can help a brand create meaningful connections, market an event, and draw in the right crowd. If you’re not making an extra effort to be innovative, your SMS won’t get opened but a customer can’t delete the text message on his inbox without reading a sight of it first. Today’s customer appreciates a well-informed SMS from their favorite brands. Customers want to be informed about new events because they want to socialize and they also get pictures to post on social media. In the weeks leading up to an event, you can also invite subscribers to join your SMS alert lists. To avoid getting your SMS trashed before it’s opened, let your reader know you are trustworthy at a glance. On the part of customers, a text message is a more practical way of alerting them about any event. Once you have scored well on order delivery adding a loyalty or discount code in SMS can help you make more customers attend events. You can also start capturing potential event attendees on the website with subscription forms. You can do this by sending your SMS from a recognizable source, like your event brand or company name.

Nobody wants loads of messages filling up their inbox, the biggest reason why customers opt-in to SMS marketing is they get what they expect to form these messages. According to a survey, it takes about ninety minutes for someone to respond to an email and ninety seconds to respond to SMS. Women are more likely to share their phone numbers to receive text messages than men. Every SMS text should have a clear message and purpose. Some businesses are still trying to reach customers via the channels they no longer use. Brand’s text messages help businesses to spread the word about upcoming offers, promotions, and contests and update interested prospects weekly. If there are any messages that customers demand voluntarily, that’s the transactional status messages. Other than that customers said that receiving coupons was the main reason why they would opt-in to a brand’s text messages. It’s the best direct mobile marketing channel at the moment.

Consumers are more likely to opt-in for notifications from a messaging than any other platform, you require members to opt-in to receive your messages so that advertising budgets are spent wisely. There’s a higher chance of a consumer redeeming a coupon sent via an SMS due to a high open-rate. About fifty percent of consumers were interested in receiving text messages from their favorite brands. Measure the number of people engaging in the campaign, this would help make it more likely for messages to be received through that medium. Customers like quick ways to access info, with mobile devices surpassing all other electronic devices, it’s a huge opportunity. Messaging has an addictive quality, sometimes it’s much easier to reference a text message than it is to find an email in our inbox. Younger people are more likely to choose to message over other channels of customer service, brands craft creative SMS campaigns to promote deals, offers, and share important company news.

Every person on the planet owns a mobile phone, simple text messages support every mobile. Don’t forget to include the opt-out instructions in the first text sent to every customer. You must provide a clear and simple opt-out in case customers don’t find your content interesting. Brand’s text messaging is the most popular way consumers communicate worldwide. Understand what customers think of their brand by conducting a survey. Never overwhelm your customers with unnecessary messages as messages informing customers about their order confirmation, new offers, promo codes, shipping details, and an order completion message are appreciated by consumers. The other reasons for subscribing to receive SMS messages from a business don’t come even close to customers signing up to receive important updates and coupons.


Author Bio: Maxwell Donovan is the writer of this article. He works in Conference production industry. His prime errand is to discover the right group of delegates for the gatherings and different business meetings.


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