12 Benefits of SMS marketing during COVID-19 Lock-Down

SMS Marketing

Every single person on this earth is somehow affected by the entire Coronavirus situation. People are being forced to stay inside their homes. All of this has caused a huge panic throughout the world. People are looking for various ways of spending their time during the quarantine. Our research shows that SMS marketing is the best one. The whole business of SMS marketing during COVID – 19 has increased so much more as compared to the previous records. 

In case you are still confused, mentioned below are some of the major benefits of SMS marketing during COVID – 19. 

SMS Marketing benefits

SMS which stands for Short Message Service is as important as any other social media platform. It has always been used so commonly but during the corona cases, it’s marketing has increased a lot. So in case you are thinking about working with a marketing team of SMS, you need to just go for it without much thinking. 

Opened more often

The first major benefit of SMS marketing during COVID – 19 is that they are opened more as compared to emails. According to research, 98% of the texts that are sent to the customers are opened by them. They don’t go unopened or unnoticeable like emails. This means that SMS has the top open rate among all the other apps. 

Adaptable and Customizable

At the point when it comes to advantages of SMS advertising, you cannot ignore that it is easily adaptable. You can blend and match instant messages to fit with various things to help advance your business. You can edit it as much you want and as many times as you want. 

Time management is easy

With SMS marketing, you will spare a ton of time, permitting you to focus on different zones of the business. You just need to type a message and send it to people. It only takes a few seconds and advertises your businesses to far and wide places. 

Mobile friendly

Nowadays, for all of the marketing campaigns, it is imperative to be mobile-friendly. People use their cellphones more as compared to laptops and PCs. So it is necessary that you make your marketing campaign mobile-friendly so that it can cater to the maximum number of people at the same time.

Talking about it, what can be more mobile-friendly than a text message, right? So the SMS marketing during COVID – 19 is a major part of business today. 

Quick Delivery

There is basically not much delay in delivery when it comes to SMS marketing. When you press the send button, you can be sure that your clients will get your message straight away. There are no plans to finish or individuals to contact, all you need to do is type and message, press ‘send’ and your target audience will get your text within no time.


When you decide to do the marketing of your business via text message, it won’t cost you a lot of budgets. SMS marketing is considered to be one of the most pocket-friendly types of marketing. So the SMS marketing during COVID – 19 will be an excellent choice for your business, especially in case your business is new in the marketing ad you don’t want to spend loads on its marketing.

To the point

With just 160 characters permitted when sending an instant message, this guarantees your message is clear and brief. This type of marketing is simple and easier for clients to understand.  

Works well with other types of marketing

SMS promoting doesn’t need to just be a piece of publicizing all alone. You can easily utilize it by mixing it with other forms of marketing. You can also use it to get more clients inspired by your internet based life. 

A wider Demographic range

Since such a large number of individuals have phones nowadays, SMS marketing during COVID – 19 can reach as many places as you want. Rather than concentrating on only one promoting methodology that may just arrive at one location, the SMS advertising can be done at an entire area no matter how big it is. 

Clients can subscribe easily 

It is really a great gesture when you give your clients the option of subscribing to your marketing campaign. It develops trust and bond between you and your customers. During SMS marketing, you can easily allow your clients to choose if they would prefer to get your business updates and it will let them feel progressively great with your marketing overall. 

Clients can easily unsubscribe

Giving clients the alternative to decrease the amount of these messages is a huge decision that works for your benefit in the long run and it can be done easily via SMS marketing during COVID – 19. It is smarter to give them the alternative to quit these versatile messages as opposed to pushing them away. 

Better engagement of the customers

Text marketing doesn’t simply give you the alternative to connect with your clients more. It can also give your clients to connect with you and your business. It lets them feel that you are progressively available to them at all times. The SMS marketing during COVID – 19 causes your business to increase which in turn benefits you.

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