Private Blog Networks (PBN): The Risks for Link Building

Private Blog Networks

When it comes to your website’s SEO and marketing efforts, it’s always crucial you consider the different options available to you. To this end, you should always consider carefully the different components of effective SEO efforts – and link building can be a real challenge in this regard. Indeed, link building is often an effective way to boost your site, however, engaging with private blog networks can be a major complication. As such, today, we’ll be considering what private blog networks are, and why they’re often a ticking time bomb for your website’s SEO needs.

The Benefits of Link Building

There are many benefits associated with link building; in fact, this is a long-term tried and tested staple for website SEO purposes. Indeed, link building is often invested in by website owners to ensure that their site is performing at its best, and to this end, we are on hand to help you find out more about the potential that link building can offer.

Indeed, by linking to authoritative sites, your website can experience a significant boost in terms of its own SEO. However, all too often, inexperienced SEO providers or those offering low-quality SEO marketing solutions will rely on sites that aren’t authoritative, and this can be a major complication. One of the biggest mistakes that people make in this regard is linking to private blog networks.

The Purpose of Backlinks

For a moment here, let’s think about why backlinks are so important. The simplest summary that we can give for why backlinks are important is because search engines consider them an indicator of your website’s reliability.

The purpose of backlinks from an SEO perspective and the search engines’ algorithms is to show that your content is relevant enough for other websites to cite or link to. As such, this can provide a significant boost to your site’s overall performance naturally, making link building a worthwhile strategy to invest in. Encouraging other blogs and websites to refer back to your site as much as possible is a crucial element of effective SEO, without a doubt.

However, while this is a crucial component of optimizing your website’s SEO, the quality of the backlinks is important. Many people, especially those who are new to SEO, do not consider this. Indeed, while it’s often understood that choosing authoritative links within your own website’s content is crucial, this often isn’t applied to link building solutions. However, this is a major mistake, and one that could cost your website dearly.

What are Private Blog Networks?

Before we can look further at why private blog networks can be so damaging for your SEO purposes, we first need to understand what private blog networks actually are. Private blog networks are created with the sole purpose of offering a link building solution. These are networks of blogs and websites that send backlinks to a customer’s website with the intention of providing a rapid link-building service.

Often, these schemes often operate on a wheel or pyramid structure since they link back to both one-another as well as a further, central site. This structure, in the past, was commonly used as an effective form of marketing strategy; however, these days, this is widely frowned upon. As such, modern search engines will often penalize heavily for using these private blog networks to develop their backlinks as opposed to getting backlinks from a relevant and genuine website.

Why Private Blog Networks are Penalized

So, why are private blog networks so often penalized as part of website management? There are a few crucial reasons why private blog networks often get websites penalized on their SEO, instead of providing a boost for the website’s SEO efforts. In this day and age, private blog networks are often penalized by search engines, which recognize that these networks tend to exist solely for the purpose of developing backlinks.

In other words, search engines such as Google often consider private blog networks to be low-quality backlinks, as these do not demonstrate that your site is offering quality content.

Private blog networks can be identified in a few ways; their hosting may all be on the same IP, and the sites within these networks often have similar designs and themes. Moreover, their backlink profile will often be similar.

Protect Your Website from PBNs

If you want to optimize your business’s marketing efforts, it’s crucial you protect the website from backlinks by private blog networks. Indeed, search engines have tools in place to recognize these networks. Backlinks from such websites will potentially damage your site’s reputation from an SEO perspective, particularly if a large proportion of your website backlinks originate from private blog networks.

So, don’t leave this to chance; always choose reputable SEO teams to help, and if doing your own SEO backlink work, make sure to check for signs of PBNs before linking to a site.


If you have been looking to boost your website’s SEO efforts, it is essential that you develop backlinks to your site to demonstrate to search engines that your site is reliable, trustworthy, and offers valuable content that other sites refer back to. However, the authority of your backlink sites is crucial, and getting backlinks from a private blog network group of sites could actually do your website far more harm than it actually does good.

To this end, before you begin looking at developing or encouraging backlinks for your website. Always ensure that your backlinks are coming from a reliable, authoritative, and trusted source; this can help you to ensure that your business’s SEO practices are optimized.

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