Online Marketing: A Best Friend to Startups


Online Marketing for Startups

Starting up your own business is as if throwing out a bottle in the ocean carrying your most precious possession and hoping that it will float its way back to you one day and bringing along better chances. It’s a risk, if I may say. But if the heed is clear and all well-thought strategies are taken, then you might actually get what you wanted. Just as how an effective online marketing paves a way to boost your business.

But what is Online Marketing really and how being it different from Digital Marketing? As per definition, online marketing is a strategic effort to reach out to the audiences publicly using the internet. The latter, on one hand, is a marketing effort which uses any technology with or without the presence of the internet.

While most businesses du well with traditional strategies to market their business through paying for television or radio ads, some others take a step ahead by partaking in the competition of the online world. And thus, the establishment of social media pages and websites for small or Startup businesses.

As shown in a statistic provided by GoDaddy, 83% of small business owners who owns a website has a competitive advantage than those 6 out of 10 who were not online. This is because online marketing has been treated as a very effective way of attracting new customers locally, nationally and even internationally.

How are Startups with Online Marketing           

            Going over the top leading causes of small business failure, incompetence comes at number one with 46 percent. Unbalanced experience comes at 30 percent followed by fraud or other catchall category members at 13 percent and lastly, lack of experience at 11 percent.           

            Research counts more than 50 percent of Startups failing in their initial four years in the business due to the tough competition present in the market. And while establishing one’s brand is a necessity, there is a dire need for businesses to set their brands apart from any similar ones – one that would create a huge impact to its target market.

And this is where online marketing comes in as an angel enlightening the minds of the audience, inviting them to show more attention to your brand.

Establishing your brand. The world of business is a world of endless competition. There are a number of clothing lines in the market, but do you ever wonder why most audiences prefer one from another? That is because, the brand’s name is established, and their brands have become a comfort for them. Through online marketing, you are given the chance to speak more than what meets the eye. With this strategy, it is then easier for you to lay out the message of their brands to the audience and even execute a proper distribution to the niche.

Dealing with Email Marketing. Who would say no to those irresistible e-coupons? Online marketing, alongside digital marketing, also allows you to reach out to your audience conveniently through email marketing which is one of the essentials of any businesses especially knowing that most people are checking their inboxes almost every day. This being said, it is also an advantage that you keep a strong database of your prospect clients which would be easier as well if you tag along a social media specialist in your team.

Working with Analytics. Startups also get a control of the direction of their business. In other words, you get to track the success of your business through analytics tools. With this, owners can see where their investments are going and create effective action plans to deal with every analytic result.

Being Resourceful with Limited Resources. The lead concern of most Startup or small businesses, if not all, is the limited resources specifically the budget. As a Startup, there is that ring in your conscience to start with a small capital. Thus, considering paid ads comes last in the list of marketing strategies. But online marketing answers this concern well. Establishing a website or a social media page costs almost nothing unless, you would consider boosting your page. With this, it is easier for business owners to manage their marketing budget effectively.

Engaging with your audience. Aside from looking at the sales of your business, it is also important that your brands would seem so approachable to your audience. That means, you do not just show what your brand is all about, but you make extensive effort in engaging with your audience through coming up with a shared point of view. This would also open the idea of content marketing which deals with significant content ranging from blog posts to graphics and even videos which would show the audience that you are the kind of business that understands their needs.

Providing convenience at one click. Through the online platform, you give your target market the convenience of getting your products or services. Online marketing gives your audience that benefit at the tip of their fingers such that, if they would wish to buy a new pair of shoes for example, they need not to drive their way to the store as they can already make their orders online.

These are just some of the reasons most businesses should treat online marketing as their best friend. And while other business owners doubt the effectiveness of this strategy, there are many considerations one must take as well. One, you must consider strengthening your social media expertise to understand where to start and how to gain success. Two you must take note of the cliche phrase stating, “content is king”. With this, you need to deliver a clear message by creating good content for your online platforms. Three, learning a diverse content to add to your platforms would be an advantage –  infographics, memes, animation videos and a lot more are just few of the many things that the niche would go for.



About the Author: As the words flock in like butterflies on her mind, Daryl Kate Dizon strives to put all these together to form one great and creative content. Graduated with a Degree of Mass Communication with Media Communications as a major, she is now making her passion a profession by working as a Content Writer/Social Media Specialist at Blueprint Business Solutions.

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