Meet the 5 Best Link Building Companies of 2021

Link Building Company

Talking about search engine optimization, backlinks have a weight of 50% in off-page search engine optimization.

According to Google, Backlinks are the signals Google uses to determine the worth of any website. There are many types of businesses like blogging for monetization, business websites, eCommerce websites, social media websites, etc. For every type of website, backlinks a the source of determination either the website is eligible for citation or not.

At the beginning of creating backlinks, the first and foremost goal is to create quality backlinks. In the later stage, quantity matters a lot when talking about competition. For example, if your competitors have created 10, 000 quality backlinks then you need to meet and exceed them in numbers. As your profile of backlinks increases, the chances of winning higher ranks for profitable keywords and competitive queries increases. Your business needs targeted traffic, convertible leads, and happy customers and this is only possible once you are visible to prospects. Right?

There are many third-party tools, not Google, who claim many factors, concluded from Google ranking factors, matters and arranged them in chronological order. For example, SEMrush revealed backlinks and their relevant factors and put them in the top 10 ranking factors in SEO.

Google_Ranking_Factors__link building company

After getting to know the Top ten ranking factors and importance of backlinks, every marketer may redo its marketing strategy and start working on them. 50% of the job is in-house but when it’s the matter of generating backlinks, it’s a hectic job. If we say, it’s not a one-man show, it will not be false. It’s a big deal to generate top–quality backlinks.

A bitter truth!

To get this job done professionally, you need to have a separate and well-trained team to perform the job. Otherwise, you may consider companies that claim to get you quality backlinks. As if they claim, they have proved so.

Let’s have a look at the link-building company on the internet to see which one can benefit you most and value your time and money.

Let’s meet with the 5 top link-building companies on the internet

1st 4ContentMedia – Good option for blogger outreach

The former director of, Ana Maria, created a startup with the name of 4ContentMedia in 2014. She is an experienced digital marketing specialist working in the industry since 2004. Blogdash was the pioneer in the blogger outreach industry and Ana Maria was the part of that team.

It is for sure to say that 4CotentMedia is one of the best link-building companies and can handle any kind of blogger outreach campaign. is versatile due to its uniqueness of having a huge database of bloggers. They are the most experienced team in managing any blogger outreach campaigns from scratch to delivering the backlinks generated.

2nd FatJoe – Good option for guest blogging

IF you are looking to outsource guest blogging for your online business, you can choose Fatjoe for sure. Fatjoe has experience of about 10 years and has worked with more than 5000 clients worldwide. They are a very good option for guest blogging.

3rd The Hoth – Good option for local link building

The Hoth is a Canadian company of talented individuals who are in the industry since 2010. They claim that they have worked with more than 200,000 businesses. They are majorly focused on Search Engine optimization and are found good for local link-building campaigns.

4th  OuterBox – Good option for strategic link building

OuterBox is a US-based SEO company created back in 2004 and has worked with hundreds of clients across all industries. The beauty of OuterBox is their team which is versatile and can handle link building strategically.

5th The Upper Ranks – Good option for White labeling

The Upper Ranks has the ability to run and deliver quality links to every customer. This company focus on agencies to help them in link building for their clients. They are least interested to work with individual businesses.

The Upper Ranks backlinking service covers everything from manual outreach, securing natural link slots through broken link building, and even getting websites to replace competitor’s links to yours.

Characteristics to be in a great link building company

Once you have decided to outsource the job to a link-building company you need to check particular characteristics. No matter what strategy you choose for the link-building campaign, you will find a lot of companies in the search engine around you.

Link building including complete SEO implementation process

This will be the worst mistake if you sign with a company that only delivers the backlink once it is created. This will not be helpful to you in achieving your goal of targeted traffic, convertible leads, and happy customer.

Above all, search engines like Google, Bing, etc. always prefer “Quality backlink”. The factor quality begins from the very beginning of the process of link building. The quality of the content, the place the content is being published, the spread of the published content at most suitable places either everywhere, and all other bolts and nuts of content marketing.

You should go with a company that agrees to deliver content in the above-given criteria. Otherwise, they should be ready to listen, “No”

Client portfolio matters

Client portfolio matters as it tells you about the previous experience of the company you are about to choose to work for. There are companies that claim a big number of clients as well as companies who have few years of experience.

There you can give a chance to the newly developed companies to test their work, communication, and delivery. If they suit you, continue with them. Otherwise, old companies have more experience to handle any type of link-building campaign.

Leaders by Instinct

For the best link-building company, it isn’t enough to acquire the backlinks for you. The people at the company should reflect as leaders by instinct.

They should have the guts to share the best of their knowledge within themselves as well as others. There are many examples out there on the internet where you can find thought leaders who love to share their knowledge, strategies, and case studies with the masses.

Customer testimonials matters

Going to select a good link-building company you should look at the reviews people leave for them who have worked with them.

Having some bad reviews doesn’t matter if those reviews have been rectifying or have been given the solution back to the complaint. This comes to good customer service even after-sales.

Multidimensional team

There are companies who are most of the time rely on a single person. That single person is responsible to write and post the content to send you the links you asked for.

On the other hand, if you work with a multidimensional team who executes your link building campaign taking many aspects of link building and provide you diversified backlinks. This will be the best value to your money and time and pay you back in less time.

5 link building services to avoid


Everything on 5$ but we are looking for quality work.

I am sure to myself, Fiverr is not a link-building company and it is wise not to spend time or expect quality work.

Brian Dean of backlino says, “I have bought 855 Fiverr gigs. To be fair, Not all these gigs were for SEO stuff. But most of them were.”

In fact, if we look at the gigs from an SEO perspective, they themselves are not SEO friendly but solely focus on the attract their customers. My point is, if the service provider platform and/or the person are not so into SEO, then how can their work be?

As it is 2021 and 2022 is ahead, link building service from Fiverr is useless.

PBNs (Private Blog Networks)

Since the invention of private blog networks, it was really a great way in SEO of link building. Even big names like Neil Patel, Rand Fishing, Ann Smarty, Ana Maria De La Cruz etc. used to build their own private blog networks.

pbn-seller- link building company

But after 2017 when Google cracked down on private blog networks the concept of having PBNs doesn’t work.

google-pbn-crackdown-link building company

These private blog networks not only screened out through different filters from the algorithms but Google also manually deindexes PBNs if they found any. PBNs are the 2nd type of backlinks you should avoid.

Paid Guest Post

Guest posts still have their value even in white hat SEO marketing strategy. But if a blogger announces on their blog that s/he charge for a guest post makes the site shady.

There is no example of authentic websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc. that ask you to pay $100 to publish your post.

Obviously no!

The second good reason to avoid any “Paid Back Link”, Google doesn’t appreciate having paid backlinks that pass PageRank.

To make it clear, Google has introduced Nofollow, Sponsored, and UGC Tags. These are the tags that will never be used by the bloggers who sell backlinks as selling backlinks solely means to pass Page Rank to the sites being linked.

In simple words, there is a need to avoid a Paid backlink in the link-building campaign that can get your site penalized.

Backlink on a Click

4 types of links;

  1. Blog comments
  2. Article directories
  3. Web 2.0 sites
  4. Directories

Are generated at the click of a button. Like whenever you click after writing a blog comment on a site, the content being published, and adding few more steps of indexing the page, you are successful to have a backlink for your site.

Or if someone says, I can provide 200+ such backlinks, say, No. You are buying spammy backlinks. Avoid!

Press releases

The only purpose of writing and submitting the Press Release is to announce some news related to your business, industry, etc. Having a press release and distributed on other Press Release sites help increase eyeball visibility.

The other thing which ensures to avoid having press release distribution, all the links are no-follow. This means if you are struggling to have a Press release.

Link – building | A continuous process

The good thing (or consider it a bad thing, but can never change the truth) about link building is that it is a continuous process.

This is because your competitor is keeping fighting to win the best positions on search engine SERP by having more and more backlinks.

There are cases where links are lost due to many reasons or are no-follow in nature. And you too are in competition and you need to have as many links as many years your business wish to stand out in the crowd. Link–the building is an ongoing, long–term activity and is the mainstream of information to Google to keep you stay at top positions.

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