Backlink quality vs. quantity | What is important and why?

Backlinks Quality Vs. Quantity

While building backlinks, a thought will come to your mind and a continuous struggle to meet the best to rank high; backlink quality vs. quantity. that which option is better; one has few links and the second one has a lot of links. These links are from websites whom audiences trust and have high authority. What is more important; either the quality or the quantity?

Should you be spending time in achieving a perfect link, only one! Or working on hundreds and thousands of links and getting no return in the shape of rank, visitors, and leads.

This article is all about answering the battle of backlink quality vs. quantity. We will see why the authority of the link and its volume both matter. You will also see some tips and tricks that will help you in achieving, building, and earning perfect links, which will, in return, not only increase the keyword ranking, site visitors, and leads of your site but will also increase the domain authority.

Why is building backlink important?

Backlink building is a process when some website links to another. It is the process of creating links for a particular page, website, or content pointing to it. This process of achieving and creating links by humans. You create a piece of content on some other domain and point link(s) to a page of another website. For this purpose, you have to get permission from the owner(s) of these websites. These links are called inbound links for the page they are pointing to.

Search engines like Google weigh every site depending upon many factors like; on-page ranking factors and off-page ranking factors. If a link is pointing to a webpage of an outside domain and is “do-follow” by nature, a search engine like Google transfers the site authority metrics to the pointing page/domain.

It is important to note that, market famous ranking factors like “site authority”, “Domain Authority”, “Domain Rating”, “Page Authority”, “Traffic”, “Trust Flow”, etc. are all derived by you and me, they are not Google’s disclosed or Google’s ranking factors. Anyways.

With the help of Google’s ranking factors, Search Engine will come to know where to rank the page in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Achieving the best factors/values for your domains which matters in ranking, backlink building is important. It is a very common yet complicated service and that internet marketing guys and companies offer to many, everywhere on the globe.

We have seen that building backlink is the necessity of every website to rank it well in Google SERP. If you don’t have the right knowledge and experience about building backlinks, it will be very hard for you to achieve this goal.

What is backlink earning?

In backlink earning, people love to link to you, and on the other hand, backlink building is done by the webmaster of the website. If we talk about natural link building, the term backlink earning is a 100% reflection of the process. In the process of backlink earning, you do almost zero to very little outreach to generate the links.

Well it is all about creating content that will help you earn backlinks and this is the sole cost to go for backlink earning.  For example, post on;

  • how-to
  • Guide
  • Or a popular blog, etc.

Will be proved to be the best source of earning backlinks. You should also focus less on building backlinks in such a piece of content.

As it is still not an easy task to get out of the battle of backlink quality vs. quantity in your thoughts, lets deep dive into further details. Below, both quality and quantity backlinks are described with their advantages and disadvantages. So let’s start.

Backlink quality vs. quantity in detail

Quality backlinks

A link associated with a website with high domain authority and trusted by both searchers and search engines is called quality backlinks. It won’t be wrong if we say that these websites are trusted by both robots and people

Why are high-quality backlinks good?

High-quality backlinks are good for many reasons, lets learn how,

  1. High-quality backlinks are intrinsically beneficial for both SEO ranking and domain authority.
  2. There is no need to worry if you have high-quality backlinks as they are reliable, foolproof, and trustworthy. Hence your rankings will not be hurt if you have made an unintentional relationship with any spam site.

These things are important for building backlink strategies because everyone, including you, wants your rankings to survive on real, relevant, meaningful, and valuable links back to your site. No one will want shady practices rankings.

Why are high-quality backlinks bad?

Backlinks have their pros and cons; their advantage is that they significantly value your SEO. But their disadvantage is equally significant. These links are useful for the business which are well established, have a high domain authority and really good ranking. Otherwise, these links will take a long time to build.

How to get high-quality backlinks?

To produce a high-quality backlink, you can make an infographic having a stunning design and excellent information. You can start by asking the following two questions from yourself:

  1. What are the significant characteristics of my industry?
  2. What should an infographic need to explain its ins and outs?

Backlink quantity

In quantity backlinks, By generating lots of low-quality backlinks from low-grade or medium-grade websites, a website can get a lot of traffic. It is again important to note, the traffic is not of high quality, either.

Why are a high quantity of backlinks good?

Creating many backlinks without giving importance to their quantity is a good thing is back by few solid reasons.

  1. The first reason is that they speed up the process.
  2. Without paying attention to the quality of links, you can create a lot of links to your website in no time.
  3. As a known fact, these links will help you a lot in ranking your website in lesser time.
  4. High quantity backlinks will help a lot as the website’s Google ranking depends on the referring domains.

Why is a high quantity of backlinks bad?

It is very important to focus on quality while building a backlink but not focusing on quantity can also have some disadvantages. For example, you may create links from spammy websites, which will hurt the SEO of your website pretty badly. If you don’t believe that this could happen, look at the following chart to get a perspective on how badly bad backlinking can impact your rankings.

How to get a high quantity of backlinks?

the concept of buying backlinks is wrong. To generate backlinks put a little effort, without paying attention to their quality. The first step is to add a testimonial to the external website but keep in mind to insert a link back to your website in this testimonial. By doing this, you will be able to build links effortlessly.

Importance: building backlink quality vs. quantity?

Now a big question arises about the importance of backlink quality vs. quantity. In the online world, link quantity and link quality have their places according to require needs. Backlink quantity will be more productive in some occupations, whereas link quantity will be more productive in others. Let’s think that quantity of backlinks is more important than quality, and this can result from making hundreds of unrelated or spam links for game searching. It was very common for websites before, but the current algorithm of Google has prohibited making unrelated links and has punishment for that websites too.

In comparison between one link from the website or hundreds of links from a website, one link can give much worth and practicality for any website like news, blogs, or other resources. Google will surely trust that link if the respective website is under the trust of Google. A nofollow link can be really helpful. It can lead to links that carry significant power. Big websites use nofollow links in the body of a post for many different purposes.

6 Tips to Backlink earning

Some tips are provided below for people who are about to start their campaign building backlinks or trying to acquire links of good quality for your website:

  1. When trying to reach someone in order to ask for a link, always keep in mind to keep your email to the point, small and friendly. Avoid explaining, flattering, and begging. Your content should be the driving force behind people sending links and not your need for links.
  2. Try to find people related to your field. For example, if your website sells car parts, find car enthusiasts and bloggers.
  3. Do not let rejection scare you. You will not get a link until you try. So keep your morale up and never stop trying. Even news giants and blogs with an audience of millions always require good stories so you can provide them your stories.
  4. You may have to send out many emails and pitches to get just one “yes” to get a link. So you can try to build authority online through commenting on different websites, guest posting, or social media in parallel to this.
  5. Buying and selling links is a practice that search engines don’t like. And you should never indulge in it. Such websites get a penalty by Google, the Search Engine.
  6. Always ask for feedback and review on your pitches from the people you have reached out to. It will let you know what your mistakes are, which you can correct in your future pitches.

The main goal is to create such content that the people read and talk about, and share. At first, building backlink quality vs. quality will be challenging. You will not be able to attract as many links as you want, but people will happily share your content once you have reached your targeted audience. All this work can be hard, and you may feel discouraged, but you should never lose hope and never stop working. If you don’t find any motivation reach out to experts and ask for their help and advice.

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