How to find endless high-quality content ideas for your blog post?

How to find high - quality content ideas

It is interesting to know that about 4 million blog posts are being published every day in the world. If you are publishing an article, even once a week, you are also contributing to those 4 million blog posts. The other interesting point is that how do know if your blog post is getting noticed or adding value to your viewers? If your blog post doesn’t worth to get notified even by search engines like Google or Yahoo, then you need to have high-quality content ideas for the next blog post.

There are many reasons which matter to high – quality content ideas being published every day. For example, if we search for a keyword like high – quality content ideas, there will only appear only 10 blog posts on the first page of every search engine. Do you think that your blog post qualifies to appear at the first page of the search engine? Or, why your blog post gets more social shares than of your competitors?

While working on high – quality content ideas, do you take care of the quality keywords? Maybe the selection of keywords for your high – quality content ideas does not matter to masses. Do you take care of the topics while collecting data on high – quality content ideas? Maybe the problem you are addressing in the title of your blog post doesn’t matter to the audience. Do you take care of the word count while creating a draft for high – quality content ideas? May be details you provide on a particular topic taking a targeted keyword don’t justify to the readers. Let’s have a look at how to find endless high – quality content ideas for your blog posts.

Keyword selection for the high – quality content ideas

The role of keyword for the high – quality content ideas the key pillar toward a strong building of authority and engagement. There are keywords around your topic which you don’t know if worth taking into your blog post. What if the correct length of the keyword is not selected at the beginning?

To get to know what keywords matters for the high – quality content idea you can get help from the Google Keyword planner, Ahref or Ubersuggest. Put some keyword which is you thinking to write your next blog post then write it in any of the above tools or Ubersuggest, in specific. Ubersuggest will let you know the details of all the keywords which matters in the market or search engines. The values of competition, CPC and difficulty level will help you find what keyword matters. Pick the keyword wisely and move on to the next level.

Keyword ideas

High – quality Content ideas in specific

If you want to get to know what content is being liked and shared the most in your industry then Ubersuggest will let you know in detail. Just enter the keyword and sit back. In an instance, you can see the list of all the important content that is liked by the audience and also ranking high for the keyword(s) you are planning to write next blog post.

Just select the content from the list and start auditing the posts one by one. Look at the keywords they used, the length of the blog post, the imagery and all the goods and bads of the blog post. Make notes of all the points collected from the screening process. Then audit as many blog posts as you like and collect the good and the bad points from every blog post. The collection of points from every blog post will be a great help to move on with the high – quality content ideas for your blog posts.

Content Ideas

Word count, graphics and social share

It is always remembered that the word count of any blog post doesn’t matter if it is not written to help your audience. The word count is not to avoid thin content plenty. If the detail in the blog post is giving any value, impact the reader or not actionable then it is a waste of time and effort. Word count does matter in competition in specific. Always go with subheadings to provide every single detail on a topic.

Imagery or graphics does impact a lot in the high – quality content idea as an image is better than a thousand words. Always add images or videos which are meaningful and self-explanatory to your reader. If an image or video can explain a whole process to the reader it will be a boom on the topic.

Every blogger requires a social share to their blog posts. While planning high – quality content ideas, always include the strategies which matter to get a more social share. You may have to content a hundred people to request the social share and in response, you may be getting only a few who are responding. Even though, the few who are responding can add a major impact on the popularity of your blog post.

We have discussed how to find endless high – quality content ideas in every detail. The only purpose is to help you make the process easy for you and your marketing team while generating high – quality content ideas for your next blog post. All the points discussed are equally important other than their volume. We will love to listen from you if you have more ideas.

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