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Today, excluding infants, everyone is connected to the internet for some reason, True? It is always a perfect time for your online business to start an eCommerce blog as part of the marketing strategy. Blogging helps your business in many different ways; for example, it will drive traffic for your website, help you promote your services and products, and the most important benefit of blogging is that it will help you build trust with your customers. Here, in this post, you will come to know about the benefits of an eCommerce blog on your business.

What is business blogging even for an eCommerce store?

Business blogging is a marketing strategy used to get more online visibility of your business. It is similar to direct mail, social media, and email marketing and helps grow your business. For an eCommerce store, these elements are vital hence there is no reason remains to start an eCommerce blog, does it?

Business Blogging Benefits (BBB)

A lot of people have a question in their mind that eCommerce blogging is beneficial or not, right? The answer is; yes, it is beneficial. Let’s discuss in detail why an eCommerce blog is beneficial?

1.    It helps in getting traffic to your website

When you publish a blog post, you get the opportunity to show your blog post on SERP (search engine results page), which in result helps you in getting traffic to your website. There are also other options of getting traffic on your website like you can use paid ads which are legal but expensive.

2.    For social media, repurpose blog content

Blogging via social media helps your business in getting discovered. A new article means new content for people that they can share on social media like Facebook, Linked In, etc., which results in your business exposure to new people. With the help of blog content, your social reach will strengthen.

3.    Helps in converting the traffic into leads

When traffic starts coming to your site, you can convert it for your benefit into leads. Each new post will help you in generating new leads for your website. You have to add a lead-generating call-to-action in all blog posts, and then a lot of visitors will come to your website, which will turn the traffic into leads.

4.    Blogging helps in getting long term results

To establish respective leadership or authority in viewers’ minds, you have to make sure that you make engaging and unique content and articles for your viewers. You can gain help by establishing authority to measure sales productivity. You can make concepts clear to your viewers by creating valuable and answerable blog posts for them. By making prospects having all the answers to daily routine questions will help them to get more customers for the company.

5.    Will help in link building

In SEO, link building is the third most important factor. Link building helps in ranking your website on the google search engine result page, but it is also a challenging part. Link building also helps build your domain authority, which helps improve your discoverability in SEO.

6.    Drives long-term results

Do you know what blogging means? It is like you can search engines even after your hectic routines like outing, a trip to somewhere, exercise, and gym, and 8 hours of good sleep. The advantage of blogging is that your past effort helps to increase your views and leads in the future. By business marketing, you can make money from different current sources like makeup, beauty, fashion. But blogging helps you to create income with even your old content and articles.

7.    Help you in sharing company stories and news

Along with articles, blogs also contain news which that highlights what your company is up to. Share everything related to your company; it can be case studies related to your products or services. For example, if you hire a new content marketing manager, share it in your blog post. And if you interview any industry expert or any marketing expert, then post it in your blog. All this will help your audience n knowing you better.

8.    Secondary benefits of blogging

There are many reasons for someone to use blogging for their business, but they have not much significance for the main benefit of blogging. For instance, someone uses blogs to understand the persona of their business or to test out different campaigns before investing in them. In my opinion, all these are secondary benefits.


Guide to writing a blog for e-commerce:

Why is a blog important for an eCommerce store?

In today’s world, websites have a major influence on the thinking of people. Suppose anyone wants to find any information about anything they can easily find on the internet. ECommerce blog has given many new opportunities to writers. Now people can share their knowledge with others by using the internet. Internet and websites have made us capable of connecting to the people living in different parts of the world. Starting a blog is the best way to write about and share the work they have been doing.

The majority of people prefer to read blogs instead of technical pages because they get to know the writer’s personal experiences. Because of the ability of the blog to make a connection with the readers, many businesses are using blogs for their marketing. Many eCommerce websites have started taking advantage of blogs by creating their blogs. By doing this, they can increase their sales and traffic flow. However, this is not as easy as it seems. A person must be aware of the basics of creating a correct blog if he is thinking of launching a blog for his eCommerce site.

Where to do an eCommerce blog?

Blogging is done on many platforms taking care of many factors and benefits they can provide to the customers as well to the business in return.

On-site blog

A lot of elements of a website cover on-site blogs cover and if it is done correctly, it will result in effective on-site content, which can then help you increase the search ranking of your website. If you want your website to be the best service provider site for your audience, your website must appear on the top of the Google search result page.

Off-site blog

Off-site blogging is completely different from an on-site blog. Off-site blogging covers many purposes like link building, branding, 2nd tier link building, etc. Most of the time when you do an off-site blog, you interact with the masses and inform them about the useful resources which can help them solve their problems. Here in off-site blogging, the things which matter are the website traffic, Domain Authority, Page Authority, social interactions, etc. So it is important to take care of these and more of such factors to get twofold benefits of off-site blogging.

A few of today’s most popular blogging sites are WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, and BlogSpot. These sites let you set up your blogs for free, but you cannot use all the features. Your main goals as an eCommerce business owner are to attract as many people as you can and convince them to keep coming back, and eventually turn these readers into customers. The above-mentioned blogging sites provide access to an easy-to-use interface and system. To understand the whole process, you dint have to be a certified programmer. These platforms offer many other services such as templates, add-ons, and plugins. All these sites mainly serve as a training ground for new bloggers.

ECommerce store blog design

Blog designing plays a very important role in attracting the audience as it is the first visual representation of your blog post. A visual representation is really important because before reading your blog, the reader first looks at the visuals of your blog. So if they like it, then they will move towards the content for reading it. So if your blog doesn’t look great, it is not going to attract many readers.

It is suggested that you follow these tips while writing your eCommerce blogs. First of all, try choosing a template in which the text is clear. The font should be big enough to read, and the colors should be soothing to the readers’ eyes. Using colors that are related to your eCommerce business is favorable. You can also add pictures but ensure that those pictures are appropriate with your content.

What to blog for an eCommerce blog?

This is the most important question and is asked a lot, especially when it is about an eCommerce blog. Blog writing for eCommerce has grown extremely popular because you can post a blog without limitations and boundaries.  Everyone can publish whatever they want. However, you have to be careful in reviewing each post if the blog’s target is to increase eCommerce sales. Content of the blogs determines the blog’s worth. It won’t be able to benefit your eCommerce blog if it isn’t useful in any manner. Here are some suggestions for blog topics:

· Avoid technical terms for your audience

Not all the readers of your blog are aware of the things that you discuss on your blog. It would be best if you treated all of your readers as newbies but with good common sense. Don’t start explaining things that are too obvious while you are writing a blog for eCommerce. If you are forced to use some technical terms, you can explain the term concisely. Use of easy and understandable words is encouraged. Along with all this, you must consider the audience you are targeting. For instance, if your blog is about humorous books, you should humor in your blog.

· Do not hit your competitors in your blog posts

Criticizing your competitors can hurt your reputation. The best you can do to avoid this situation is to avoid any topics that make your blog look like a rant on other companies. But if you have to give your reviews on some products of different companies, you should keep your tone as professional as possible.

· Keep your blog posts customer-centric

The reader does not read lackluster blogs as they only contain information about a particular company. However, readers get tired of all this as they have to reread the same thing. That is why to write humorous, helpful, insightful, and informative content on your eCommerce blog website so they will feel more concerned by your posts. And for that, you can also post anecdotes, some tips, tricks, comparative studies, or anything that will help the audience improve their lives. So, while writing a blog post for your website, keep the audience in your mind.

· Hire freelancers to help in your campaign

You don’t be so worried about the content for your eCommerce blog. The most important thing is to carefully discuss to list all the topics your business need in comparison to your competitors. However, marketing and sales managers should not worry about content writing as there are a lot of people who are willing to work for you. Once the content is done, proofread, and ready to be published, you should pay them. You can find blog writers who are well experienced in your niche from different sites like Peopleperhour, Fiverr, etc. Find a writer there, hire him or her and then instruct them on what type of content you need for your website. Then, ask him or her to write for you two times a week or more, depending on your marketing strategy and your company goals.

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