Paid blogging campaign for Business and Technology Blogs

Paid blogging campaign

Dear bloggers, we are looking for blogsites which content is related to technology, business, marketing, blogging and social media. If your blog is related to any of these niches, please apply to this paid blogging campaign.

About our client

Our client is an ecommerce platform that build products to help entrepreneurs around the world start and grow their businesses, easily import dropshipped products into their ecommerce store and ship them directly to their customers. Our client’s mission is to make commerce better for everyone.

This blogger outreach campaign is designed to spread the word about our client products/services.

About the campaign requirements

We are seeking for blogsites which Domain Authority (DA) is 40+. The blog should generate organic traffic according to Ahrefs. Blogs that were built for Link Building purpose will not be considered for this campaign. Also, your blog should be in English and should be updated regularly.

If you are interested in participating in this paid blogging campaign, please contact me at anamaria @ If you have several sites within the above niches, please send them all in a excel sheet. We will review each blog and see if it applies to campaign’s requirements.

If you have any question regarding this campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you for your cooperation.


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About Author:

Hi, I’m Ana Maria De La Cruz, a Content Marketing Specialist. I help businesses gain web exposure and build brand awareness. Our job is to write positively and to spread the word about client’s products/services, post the content in relevant blogs and share it across many social media networks. Need our help, contact us.


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