8 easy steps to help you improve organic SEO of your website

organic seo

Hey you! Have you tried every SEO strategy, but your site rankings are still unaffected? Is your site SEO not improving? If yes, this guide is for you, read more. First, let us explore what is meant by organic SEO. You can buy traffic, reviews, backlinks, and anything for your website even traffic but that is paid and not organic. Organic SEO is when you get traffic and engagements on your website naturally and free of cost.

Most of us think that organic search engine optimization is very complex, and they can’t succeed in it. However, this is not the case. It is rather much simpler and, of course, affordable if you do it the right way. No shortcut can guarantee you success and it is the biggest drawback with paid tricks. Their results die as soon as your paid campaign finishes. On the other hand, organic SEO focuses more on consistent efforts for getting the traffic for a longer time and gaining sustained success.

In the guide below, some easy steps to improve your organic search engine optimization are discussed.

Appropriate Keywords

Give attention to the use of appropriate keywords. These should be in your URLs, file names, pages, titles, meta tags and anywhere you can use them. The text links you use should also be based on keywords. Usually, we leave blank spaces between keywords in the file name. However, it is recommended to use either a dash, an underscore or pipes instead of blank spaces to make it more keyword-friendly. Even if you are mentioning your company’s name on some page titles, it is highly recommended to write keywords before the company’s name.

Tag Text

Alt tag text must be maintained properly. This is because search engines can’t read images. Having proper alt tag text will enable better crawling for search engines and as a result will improve your website’s SEO.


Having flawless, neat, clean and tidy codes will add a plus point to your site SEO. Search engines find it easier to crawl through well-structured websites and as a result, they prefer these sites when assigning rank.

Keyword Search Volume

If you select a keyword that has a search volume, it means that ranking on it will be relatively difficult. This is because more people and in competition over that keyword and your efforts need to be best to rank first. You can take help from several keyword research sites including google ads which is the most used site. These sites will educate you in selecting the right combination of keywords that are moderately competitive and have a great potential to get ranked.

Keyword ranking

Everyone claims to be number 1. However, you know better where you stand. If a keyword has very high competition, it is better to step down to a lower searched keyword, point your efforts towards it and rank that keyword. This can be done by developing quality content over the keyword and getting healthy endorsements. Remember, ranking on top of moderate searched keyword and getting healthy visitors is better than ranking last on top keyword and getting no share.

Quality Content

Quality content is a must thing for SEO. Your organic search engine optimization depends directly upon quality content. It helps in the retention of people for a longer time on your website and helps to achieve a greater trust level between the site and search engines. You should offer a variety of quality content on your website. It will give you higher traffic and at the same time increase your chance of getting high-quality backlinks. Therefore, quality content manages your on-page and off-page SEO at the same time.

Social Media platform

You should use maximum social media platforms to develop great trust with your users. Users will prefer you on other networks if they see your presence. Google plus reviews, Google business, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms allow you to remain in contact with your visitors. The more you engage with your visitors, they more often search engines will display your site in response to any query posted.

Site Map

A site map is a must thing if you want to get the attention of a search engine. It is just like a map of your site. It enables the search engine to know which pages and posts he is supposed to crawl and rank. It adds to the structure of the website. If you help search engines better crawl your website, they are going to rank you up and vice versa.

Final Verdict

The final verdict is that organic search engine optimization is not a one-time process. If you have attained the number one spot, it is more important to retain it. Keep an eye on SEO updates, keep up-to-date and keep giving value to your visitors.

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