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Dear bloggers, we have launched a new paid opportunity related to WordPress, Woocommerce and/or Web hosting. If you have a blogsite related to WordPress themes, tips, plugins and/or WordPress Hosting, please read more on this opportunity.

About our client

Our client is an organisation which specializes in supporting Small to Medium Businesses that range in size from as little as 4 users up to 200. It offers a vast range of services to meet your bespoke needs.

This is a blogger outreach campaign designed to spread the word about our client service.

About the campaign requirements

We are seeking for blogger influencers with a good social media reach and which blog content is in English, is updated regularly and generates organic traffic (800+ according to Ahrefs). Your blog should have a domain authority above 50.

Please note, blogs that were built for Link Building purpose will not be considered.

If you think this opportunity is for you and you are interested in participating, please contact us at anamaria @ 4contentmedia .com and mention this campaign title.

Please don’t forget to check the page Paid Opportunities. We have other campaigns running that could interest you and/or other fellow bloggers.

If you have any question regarding this WordPress / Woocommerce campaign, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for being part of our bloggers community and keep helping us reaching our clients marketing goal.

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