10 reasons to early adopt the ecommerce website blog

10 reasons to early adopt ecommerce website blog

Are you the owner of an ecommerce website blog? Your main focus should be getting real traffic through your ecommerce store website. Because, soon this traffic will start convert into a lot of paying customers. There are companies that drive traffic by using paid ads, and yes, it is a great thing to start with.

But, if ecommerce blog and paid ads are combined, you will see a great increase in the real time traffic on your website. You can see increase of traffic; people browse through your online store as well as stay on your ecommerce store blog too.

You will be surprised to know that majority of ecommerce websites do not have on-site blog. There are a lot people who say that blog is important for your ecommerce store, and when its time to implement the thought, only few of them apply it on their ecommerce store.

A common question arises, what is the purpose of having a blog on your ecommerce store when your main objective is to set up an online store?

Of course, business blog in an ecommerce website help to increase organic traffic. Beside this benefit, we shall see what other benefits you will get having a blog on your ecommerce store.

Reasons to know why to implement an ecommerce website blog

1. Ecommerce website blog | Improves SEO

Search engines have two functions to help you to understand the basics of SEO and its importance too. These two functions are: the first one is index building, and the second is crawling content. By providing the result and by determining the relevancy, you will be allowed to give the answer to all users of the internet. The main goal of the ecommerce website blog is to rank high on the google search engines. And then when a user on the internet will search for a specific product, at that time, in front of the internet user or shopper, your site will be on the top of the google results.

For getting new and updated content by search engines, blogs play a very important role because content and links, spiders or crawlers (search engines) can easily reach a lot of documents or almost reach documents in billions that are interconnected. Blogs do contain such content that is related to your ecommerce website, and blogs also contain some specific phrasing and links to your website. So, it will help you in getting more updated and new online content more effectively. Furthermore, your ecommerce blog posts will also help you in getting organic traffic to your site because whenever you write a blog post, it is an additional indexed page by itself, and your business will be associated with the search engines. So, your content should be very valuable as it can help you in climb up on Google  SERP.

2. Be Structured in post design

It is very important to be structured in post design because a structure is such a thing that can make or can even break your post. For example, when it is appropriate to use bullet points, headings do your best to use them and also try your best to start with a new paragraph. There are a lot of people who have the authority to skim the articles, and after that, they can decide they are looking for that article or need something else. You have to be in a spoon-feed game for your reader to some extent. Never try to make it a guessing game for them.

To address a topic you have your organization, remember that and one more thing, the most important one, what is the thing you are writing about? The deal for your readership can be sealed by opening a blog post. By reading the first line of your blog post, the reader will decide if it is worth reading or not. So, after completing your ecommerce website blog post go to the starting and then check the opening sentence is worth reading or not; the readers will read the whole blog or not; if not, then write it again.

3. Ecommerce website blog | A source of updates and knowledge

When you are sure that supporting your business to grow by having a blog is a good decision, then keeping your readers at the core of your aim is the very next task. Make sure that the content you are creating is interesting to read and contains information for gaining the following for your blogs that will hold your readers making a return for further.

Most people read the first line of your blog then make a decision on continuing reading or quitting, while others may scroll your whole post and then decide that your overall organization is not up to their standards.  if you are not sure what your e-commerce site should blog about or from where you have to begin, consider the following

4. Solution provider to the problems of the readers

Firstly, Try to understand the problem or issues by which the reader is going through. Confronting the problem or issue and sharing your perspective with that too is a great way to initiate. Before creating blogs, content, or post, I do this most of the time. Sometimes, product pages are concise and brief according to the requirement. Due to these reasons, you can discuss different issues, problems, and questions in your blogs. For instance,  someone advised me, “you  must be as precise as possible as you have a limited amount of space .you can express yourself more freely and give your brand a voice by your blogs.” Totally agree.

5. Start Discussion on some critical issues of readers

Before crafting a post, it would be really helpful to look at the past comments on some other posts or try to respond to the queries of the viewer or followers on other’s social media accounts. Subsequently, responding to a question reveals that asking questions is a great means to start a conversation and your concerns and attention about reader or viewer. It also demonstrates that your purpose of writing is all about assisting and helping your reader through his or her query and that it arises from their struggles and aspirations. It directly corresponds to the interaction of the customer and seller. Those sellers who integrate and facilitate their customers mostly attract people to shop and buy stuff from them.

6. Share a real-time customer story

The writer’s skill to create a story or share an experience is always what distinguishes an entertaining post to read from one that needs extra power. So make sure that personal example, client narrative, or other experience is your starting paragraph if you are writing an article. It will prove that you are not only the consultant writer about this topic, but you should have also had direct experience with it. In addition, it pulls readers and viewers into what you are saying in your articles in your ecommerce store blog.

7. Helps in Brand Building

Content-based businesses have such leverage in having a strong digital brand and personality, which eCommerce stores lack. Due to this lack, eCommerce is not able to compete with an online business. One thing that can help eCommerce emerge and stand out from its competitors is blogging and sharing your content with your viewers, readers, and followings.

8. Can attract traffic from new sources

It is a pretty simple concept. It will be easy for people to find your pages and find out what you’re selling online if you have more pages on your store. To develop understanding and digital interaction with your eCommerce website blog, you can promote your store using sponsored content, organic traffic, strategic partners, and digital marketing methods.

9. Give people reason to share – helps increase your social presence

Think about the methods that you can use to inspire your clients to share information with their friends and family about the eCommerce store and its items and products. For example, you can convince them by giving a free giveaway, a discount voucher, a chance to win, and much more bonuses and rewards. But, on the other hand, all of that informative stuff on your blog increases the probability of someone sharing your content due to useful and helpful information on your site. Furthermore, you can write your content and publish it instead of sharing links to your product pages and inviting people to purchase them.

10. Place Calls-to-Action where ever you like and charge

ECommerce store owners are not able to reach in customer’s minds, but a blogger can. When you start to write blogs, you can reach out to client’s minds with just one tap from your content. You have their focus by your content and the capacity to control them to anywhere you want them to take a look on like on different product articles as they are reading your content. Moreover, you can convert your visitors to being customers by blogging about other products, such as the latest trends and ideas in your industry, customer positive comments, responding to commonly asked questions, and providing feedback. Moreover, you can use a specific text “call to action” in your content to drive them precisely towards your products pages.

Due to a lot of reasons, blogging has become a priority to run an online ecommerce store. With the help of an ecommerce website blog, your business will start grow fast. Hence, you will realize how blogging affects someone’s business. It will increase your organic traffic, email marketing, social marketing, and many more things that will be affected by blogging.

People really care about from whom they are purchasing products when they buy things online. When you have an e-commerce site, a business blog helps show your intention for your customers’ requirements and desires. In other words, it provides respectability and credibility towards your business. You can create an overview of attracting customers to come back further by giving useful information and a better rank of a site in search engine results. You’ll stand out from the competitors with the help of blogging, and also it can help you grow in ways that benefit your business and your clients in the long term.

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