5 tips to rank website on Google first page from dead pages in SERP

Rank website on Google first page

The marketing department of an online business and/or internet marketing entrepreneurs are struggling to rank the website on Google first page. According to a study from Advanced Web Rankings, more than 67% of all clicks on SERP go to the top five listings. Research shows that websites on the first page of SERP receive almost 95% of web traffic. Rest of the 5% of web traffic goes down to the rest of 5 positions.

These statistics made marketers and business managers curious on how to get the first page of Google SERP. This is obvious if you are not on first page of SERP you are almost on the dead zone of the search engine. Today we shall see how to rank website on Google first page covering 5 important tips.

Tip 1 to Rank website on Google first page

In the battle of rank website on Google first page, we need to follow some simple rules. These rules not only keep the things simple but also effective. According to Google, the number of backlinks, linking domains, number of follow-links and referring IPs are the first few factors.


Google ranking study

Taking the opportunity, take your competitors’ URLs and put them into Open Search Explorer by MOZ to find out the number and detail of the linking domains pointing to your competitors’ respectively.

The rule is simple and effective as said, meet and exceed the number. As Google itself value it why don’t we?

Tip 2 to Rank website on Google first page

Improve the first interaction with the customer of your website. Title tags are the first interaction and they should speak in the language of customers. The title tag is more than that of 69 to71 wordcounts. This is the message that may and may not attract the customer. Gather all the title tags from all the 10 competitors and try to create one which is better than all the available titles in the Google’s first page SERP.

Tip 3 to Rank website on Google first page

Everywhere in the world, if anyone is on Google, they are looking to find the solution to some of the problem they are facing. They are typing their problems into the search engine with the belief that they will get an answer which will work for them. It means a keyword is a problem for which solutions are being seemed. Yes, looking at the search queries is a good practice but not always.

Being marketers you need to take keywords as problems people are suffering. For example, if someone is looking for weight loss and search for the best juicer machine, to provide the list of best juicers in the market with the detail of each juicer machine. Similarly, if you are a business owner and want to increase the web traffic of your website, take all the keywords of your niche as a problem and then go give solutions in all dimensions to help your customers. Your website traffic will be increased gradually and significantly.

Tip 4 to rank website on google first page

Brand building is one of the biggest factors in Google ranking. Build your brand to signal Google the search engine that you are eligible to rank on google first page. Brand building is about building brand reputation and popularity.

Having problem-solving content on a specific website make the website viral for the property. If you have built your brand, people will start searching for specific problems adding the brand name into their search.

Tip 5 to rank website on google first page

Throughout our journey, we tried to focus how the customer thinks, what customer want to see and where customer clicks. The last but the least tip of today is to believe that the content being created should always be around the solution of the problems customer is searching on the search engines.

Most of the time, businesses try to focus maximum on the product. Next, these non-Internet Marketers start considering themselves as the Gurus. What happens is they start trying to promote the product and focusing on the product-centric keywords more. Maybe, they start ranking high even on the first page, but the ranking keywords are not the true representatives of the problems of the customers. Never make this mistake if you are interested in rank website on Google first page.

The conclusion to rank website on Google first page

It is important to note that it is quite possible that you start getting ranking from 1000 page to 40 page or 8th page to 4th page so quickly. But when it is about to rank website on Google first page the shift of position slows down. It doesn’t matter that you are doing wrong, but while going up in ranking means you are being compared with the high ranked competitors. Be patient and be consistent at that stage.

Hope you would have enjoyed the journey to rank website on Google first page. How have you been trying to rank on Google first page in past?

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