9 factors to check if your website doesn’t rank high in Google search


The prime goal of search engine optimization for a website is to rank high in Google search. No matter if you just launched your website and working hard to rank high in Google search or are an old player of internet marketing and have worked for many businesses or websites to help them rank high in Google search. All the efforts you have done to rank your website high will be heartbroken when your website is not ranking high in Google search. Or, maybe at a sudden you found a drop in the ranking of your website.

Most of us, the internet marketing, don’t keep the record of what have we done in lieu of ranking our website high in Google search. If this is the case it is prime advice to always keep the record of everything that you did to optimize your website. This most of time happens when we are using some black hat techniques to get our website rank in shorter time. Obviously, Google doesn’t appreciate at all to use techniques which are not benefiting the users in any way. For the purpose, Google is constantly improving the algorithm of their website crawlers which gathers the website data to index into their database.

To a webmaster, it is important to have a record of all the types and techniques which they have implemented for their website. Today, we shall share 9 factors to consider if your website is not ranking high in Google search.

Page speed matter to rank high in Google search

If we go to a shopping mall or a restaurant it is our wish may some salesperson or a waiter or waitress appear quickly to book our order. Same is the case with users who are searching online to get the best service, product or anything that matters to them. Once the user has clicked on the result showing in Google search, the user is so excited to have the result on their screens.

Website page speed is one of the main factor for a website to rank high in Google search. It is such important that Google is providing a free tool called page load time, to check the load time of a website.

Otherwise, It is recommended by the Google to keep the load time of a website under 4sec, at maximum. Just apply the same at your website. If a website take more than 4sec to load the page the probability of losing a potential customer is high.

As Google has included the factor into their ranking factors, it’s about to impossible to let Google deceive on the factor.

Decrease Bounce Rate

May you have improved the page speed of your website equal to or under 4sec, it is possible that Google will rank you higher in their search results for the specific keyword. But even if you are observing a fall in the rank the second most important factor to consider is bounce rate of your website. A bounce rate determined how well your user is served on your website.

I like to share how I understood the logic behind bounce rate, which is quite simple. Bounce rate for a website is measured by knowing for how much time a user stayed on your website. The longer the stay indicate the less number like 10sec or 45sec and the less stay of a user on your website will be showed in a higher number.

It is also important to note that the improvement in Bounce rate can be possible through layout, color scheme and the content present on the webpage.

User engagement

After improving page speed, bounce rate the next step is to engage your customer on your website, by all means. Obviously, if user find good and informative content on your website, not only they will stay on your website they will also interact, if you make it possible. User engagement is one of the most important ranking factor to rank high in Google search.

Always plan and produce content that attract and then let users interact. These are properties which can increase user engagement at your website and can lead to rank high in Google search.

Page Visited

The more pages of your website are visited by users the more chances to rank high in Google search. Google like to know if there are many pages on your website which are good and informative for the users. Such a website will always be good to Google.

Website which are not finding themselves at high rank in Google search will have a very low rate of page visited. This is the matter that such sites are not able to rank high in Google search.

Returning visitor

Google encourage a website if it has a good number of returning visitors. Obviously, a website with informative content will invite their visitors again and again. A website with a good number of returning visitors will be able to rank high in Google search.

Time on website

Other than bounce rate and page visited, it is also important to Google if a website earn a good time on the website by its users. Social media channels like Facebook and YouTube.com are a good example of websites which have a very great time on the website. If users find it informative in any way to stay on your website so does Google. Websites rank high in Google search where users spent more time in comparison to their competitors.

Responsive website

Due to the fact that about 54% of internet users are from mobile devices like smart phones or tablets, Google encourages the mobile responsive websites. A responsive website will rank high in google search in comparison to the competitors who have non-responsive websites.


There is a text file present among many files at the backend of your website which play with the search engines. Robot.txt is the file where you can block or allow the bots of search engines to crawl and collect information about your website. A website which allow search engines will rank high in Google search in comparison to the competitors who have blocked search engine like Google.

W3 standards

W3 standards are set by worldwide consortium standards that allow your website to work for the people with disabilities. This is a unique factor of its kind which help disable people to get information from your website. Website will rank high in Google search if it is W3 standardized.

Rank high in Google search is not a big deal but it require handling small things which search engines always want to have to allow you to compete well with your competitors. Above are very small things to consider while doing search engine optimization of your website but actually matters to rank high in Google search.

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