How to create blog post which is awesome and drive tons of traffic?


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There are many questions about going to create a blog post on any topic. Maybe, you are thinking, “Can I really write a blog on the topic?” or “How would I compete in the competition?” or where do I research on the topic?” or “I don’t have enough grip on the language” or alike. No doubt, creating a blog article is an art. But the other fact is eye-opening and that is, you don’t need to have an answer to all and alike questions that you have in mind before going to write every next post. Believe it or not but it is true that most of the time we overthink about creating a blog article. The fact of the matter is, the information is all around us to create post but we are not smart enough to see it.

Let’s walk through how to create a blog post which not only is awesome, every time, as well as drive you tons of traffic to help you grow.

Create a blog post in conversational tone

conversational tone

A very basic tip for you to create blog post give a conversational tone. Addressing a problem of your expected customer or reader blended with conversational tone will win you a very high level of engagement. This is just “You” and “I” way to talking. Though the number of blog readers is increasing day by day the other fact of the matter is, they are not experts. When you choose a tone of “You and I” you give them a feel as they are addressed.

This is also kind of personalization in your post. Obviously, if you are addressing the problem with an ultimate solution your audience will be assured as they are addressed. Creating a blog article in conversational tone will be a guarantee of getting your tons of traffic.

The headline of your blog post matters 

Good Headlines

Headline play a role as the first impression of your blog post. This is the more important interaction between your post and your reader. I myself don’t click a link if the heading is not addressing my problem. During the plan to create blog post it is 2nd highest priority matter and should be addressed accordingly. About 2 out of 10 clicks through headline of your blog post.

To create the headline for your blog post you should make a workout to research from Google keyword planner as well as look at what headings your competitors are using. Google’s keyword planner will let you know about the search volume of the keyword you are planning to create an article. You must write down about 10 most searched, competitive and related to your business keywords. Then go to Google search and find the competitors to see how they are utilizing the keyword. You must note down all the combinations. Once you have done all your work to see what keywords are most suitable and what keywords are used by the competitors, go write a most suitable headline for your blog article.

Blog posts in an educational way

Educate your audience

Educate your audience to solve their problems, no matter what age your audience is? Let them have feelings of “O’ yes, this was amazing and super informative. I can do next”. Such an interesting feeling, I had when I used to consult marketers through their blog posts. As everyone wants to learn about their problem and when they find such a post they rejoiced.

Create a blog post on trendy topics

trending-topics for blog post

Always pick the topics which are trending today. If you address all the problems of your audience which are current, the chances are high that your blog post will be most liked.

To do so pick the keyword and give a general search. Then from the Titles, create your own search terms which are related to the problems of that topic. Most of the time there are search terms started with the following words;

  • What
  • Where to
  • Top/Best
  • How to

When you add these terms to your search term you will find what type of topics are trendy and covered by the top bloggers in the niche. Then go to create the blog post which is awesome for your readers.

Leverage different media formats


Try to come up using different media formats to create a blog article. There are many media formats like;

  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Video

Using all the above formats in different combinations or alone will make your content more amazing.

Share your sources of information

No one is perfect in the world. I like to be thirsty all the time so you would also be to learn more. As I love to learn from many you would also be a good learner. Sharing the source of information from where you get the information from will let your readers know that you are a positive blogger. Never shy sharing your source of information as the internet is all about sharing.

We tried to share all the best tips to let you create a blog post which is awesome and can get your more traffic. How have you tried to make your blog posts awesome before reading this post?

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