Using Instagram Stories to Market Your Business Efficiently

Using Instagram Stories to Market Your Business Efficiently

Using Instagram Stories

Social media platforms are an effective means of marketing for most businesses. Every day, millions of people from all around the world log into these platforms, which makes the potential reach that social media offers marketers unmatched.

Speaking of social media, Instagram is one of the most popular and populated networks. The number of active users on this social network numbers almost a billion. It is a favorite haunt of marketers and brands because its visual nature makes it much easier to connect and engage with followers and customers.

Instagram Stories is a relatively new feature, and it holds offers many advantages to brands and businesses in particular. Insta Stories, as it is fondly called by many, affords users the opportunity to post an unlimited number of photos and videos that exist for only twenty-four hours.

This feature is used by 300 million active users every day. The exciting thing is that your story can be viewed by people who don’t even follow your brand. With the right use of hashtags, trending topics, and geotagging, the potential audience for your Instagram Stories is limitless.

Boosting visibility and marketing your business via Instagram Stories is not just about posting random pictures and videos. Huge brands make use of tactics including the posting of polls, allowing the account to be taken over by an influencer or celebrity. You can also use Stories for giveaways, posting tutorial videos, and so much more.

We have created an infographic that discusses the far reach of Instagram Stories in detail, as well as how to use the feature effectively.

Take a look to this infographic by client on this link How Businesses Use Instagram Stories. You will find 30 different cases.

With over 300 million actives users, Instagram should be considered one of your marketing social media channel.

Are you a business or a brand? Are you using Instagram Stories in you marketing strategy? How is it performing?


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