Instagram stories | How to use the feature market your business?


Instagram stories is a Snapchat like the feature that lets your picture or video vanishes after 24 hours span.

This is really a good and smart way to keep in touch with your Instagram audience, interactively. It is a great way to attract, engage, and convert the audience into happy customers. The giveaway of Instagram stories, it is a 24hrs base a quick short story in the form of a picture(s) or videos to interact with the Instagram audience. It is again important to note that the content shared as Instagram stories will not appear in the profile grid or main Instagram feed.

Here comes the smart part as of how to utilize the feature to market your product or service especially being small and medium business entrepreneur.

How to check Instagram stories of others?

When you open Instagram, the social media app, you will see 5 colourful circles having images of your friends or followers. After clicking on these circles, you will see some interesting content with some message to the viewers. This is the Instagram stories uploaded by the people you are friend with, following or of your followers.

Once you have watched the content of Instagram stories, it will start showing the next content under. The shift to the next content of the Instagram stories will automatically start. But if you want to go back to the previous story of your choice just swap the image from left to right until you are not at the desired content.

Indeed, the content published in Instagram stories is actually of a lot of interest. Today, we will use the same feature to upload marketing content including images or videos.

Instagram Stories | How to use it?

Whenever you open your Instagram account you will see the + sign at the top left corner having your profile picture in the background. This is the starting poiInstagram Stories- How to use itnt to create new Instagram stories having a live video or choose to upload a saved image or video. Once you have selected the content, just click on “your story” tab at the bottom in the middle after ‘save’ tab. Once you click on the “your story” tab it will be uploaded as your story and will be available for the next 24hours.


Very after you uploaded the content as “your story”, the + sign will be disappeared instantly. This is the proof otherwise that the content of your story has been uploaded successfully and is visible to your friends on the social media app. It is possible to upload multiple contents in the single attempt by selecting multiple files at a time.

How do you know who have seen your Instagram Stories?

Once you have uploaded your Instagram stories, you will be awaited to know who have watched your content in Instagram stories. This is kind of ROI to engage your audience on the social media channel. There is not a trick to find out the number of viewers of your Instagram story.

Every time someone opens Instagram stories by you, they will start appearing at the left bottom of your Instagram stories. To further find out, click on the Instagram stories section on your IG page, and then look at the interactions at the left bottom of the viewpoint.

Marketing tactics to use Instagram stories for your business

This is take away from today’s discussion as we shall see how marketers can get benefit from this feature of the social media app.

Behind the scene in Instagram stories

No matter you are a big brand or a medium to a small entrepreneur in social media marketing. Always open to your audience and make them your true advocates. Let your audience know about him behind the scenes related to your brand, product or services. Believe it or not, it is the proven tactic to let your audience know in-depth about your brand, product and/or services.

Seeing is believing and after you have been exposed to your audience, your brand will become word of mouth. Be consistent.

Communicate at 1:1 level through Instagram stories

After the boom of social media, the most excited part of it was the interaction, the free voice. The domain of free voice was extended to masses on the globe which open many dimensions of the suppressed society. Being a marketer, using Instagram stories it is a great opportunity to interact with your audience at 1:1 level. This will help you find true problems of your audience and to find the true solutions.
Otherwise, you can make a question-answer session about the latest neutral news to be part of the important issues of the society as well.

We tried to help you understand Instagram stories to utilize in your marketing. Did you ever try the feature for your business?

Keep engaging your audience every day with some engaging activity using Instagram stories.

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