Best Paid Press Release Sites 2018

Best Paid Press Release Sites 2018

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Press releases may be an old-school marketing strategy, but it is still an effective way to get that much-desired media coverage. A good press release distribution site can give your business so many benefits. Despite what other PR experts may say, press releases are not dead but are here to stay.


There are many scams out there so having a list of the best press release sites can help you choose companies that are credible and trustworthy.


To help check on credibility, use the SEO industry’s most trusted metrics: Moz Domain Authority and Majestic Trust Flow. Look for sites with high scores based on these two metrics.


Also, consider the basic SEO functionality of each site. They should allow anchor text links, tagging, keyword data and other search elements. Paid sites usually allow up to eight outbound links.


If you are looking for a press release distribution company, you should look for a PR firm that you can trust your money with. Paid releases cost from $200 to $2,000 on the average. It is a huge investment especially for small businesses.


Do your research when choosing a PR company. Check on client testimonials. What is their SEO metric score? Do they have many satisfied clients? How long have they been in the industry? Do they have a great team running the company?


Check on their media pool and B2B partners. They should be well connected with an extensive media database.


Press releases are not just used for media coverage these days. A release can help improve SEO rankings and increase sales numbers.


It would be great to look for a company that can give you more than just press release services. Look for online and social media reach, SEO optimization and Influencer marketing to name a few.


PR sites that allow images, videos and links will also help increase your media coverage.


Here are some of the best-paid press release sites:

business press release


At the top of our list is Newswire. This platform has one of the easiest submission procedures which notifies your approval within a few hours. They have an analytics tool that will allow you to track and analyze your campaign.


Their press release distribution service comes with new features like your very own newsroom. Newswire boasts of impressive media outreach and RSS directories.


They have more than a decade of experience in the PR industry with over 250,000 customers serviced. They have custom plans for any business large or small. Their packages range from $119 to $1,199.


The company started in 2005 by Daniel Jones. He was an IT journalist who got fed up with his inbox being filled with irrelevant pitches and releases. He could not find any newsworthy source because the good stories were lost among the layers of PR trash.


Dan wanted to build a site that could connect businesses and journalists based on mutual interest and not SPAM tactics. This resulted in a newswire that targets the media personnel that is most likely to be interested in your news.


ReleaseWire gives you better targeting which translates to better visibility and response.


They cater to businesses of all sizes, connecting marketers to editors, journalists, and publishers around the globe. You can also reach out to a vast pool of bloggers and influencers. Multimedia distribution and media contact management are also included in their service packages.


The best thing about ReleaseWire is the affordable prices which range from $49 to $99.


PR Newswire

If you are looking for SEO functionality, PR Newswire is a good choice. No need to do a background check on credibility with this company. PR Newswire is the most prominent and oldest press release company in the industry. They were founded in1954 by Herbert Muschel.


They have over 60 years of experience and close to 20,000 distribution points. Their multi-channel reach is up to 4,500 U.S. websites with over 550 news content systems. They reach up to 3,000 newsrooms like ABC News, The New York Times and Buzzfeed to name a few. Popular sites like Yahoo Finance, Business Journals, and Market Watch are on their list as well.


Global presence is at 170 countries in more than 40 languages. They have 35 offices in 18 countries with 10 in the U.S. Their global network reaches up to 10,000 websites and databases.


Their prices are top dollar, but you are sure to get your money’s worth. An average price for a release is $1,000.



They claim to provide unique services that will help your business reach your target audience. Their simple submission process takes only minutes to complete. You can attach files, logos, and images to your release for easy access by journalists. Your site can also be displayed within your release for that added exposure.


There are samples of press releases and some writing tips available on the site.


An editorial team reviews and approves releases to make sure that it follows standards for newsworthy content.


They have over 80,000 satisfied users and over 150,000 approved press releases.


Paid plans are at $15 per release for the Gold plan, $25 for Platinum, $150 for Ultimate and $250 for Ultimate Plus.

The company was launched in 2004 offering affordable press releases to all types of businesses. They have a database of more than 50,000 members and has published more than 500,000 press releases.


You can be assured of your privacy once you register with them as they have committed not to sell, give out or distribute any user information.


They help clients by distributing releases to editors, print media, online media, and bloggers. Stories published will not include promotion of violence, illegal activities, hatred, racism, scams, and pornography.


Paid plans start with their Simple Post at $19, Visibility Boost at $49, PR Network Plus at $89, Integrated Media Pro at $139 and Mass Media Visibility at $389.



Selecting the best press release distribution service for your company should be done with due diligence. Another question that your paid service needs to answer is if they use black hat SEO tactics for any of their SEO services. Stay away from companies who use black hat tactics.



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