How to transform blog in 2023 to next level by investing 30-min?

Transform your blog in 2018 by investing 30-mins

Everyone likes to have a blog like Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post, etc. But when we look at these blogs we found many features which when we start doing, simply distract us. It becomes very hard when we start doing everything at a time. It becomes more frustrating when tiny things start taking a huge amount of time. Kelly Dunning, a travel blogger is one of us who had the same scenario until November 2016. Since then she has transformed her blog by investing 30-mins on a daily basis. She was admired from a podcast by Darren Rowse, a very well-known blogger and owner of ProBlogger; “3 Productivity tips to help you build healthy habits”. Darren taught a very simple yet powerful rule and that is while forming a good habit say it to yourself, “that’s just what I do”. The most powerful lesson in this small sentence is to avoid distraction while doing something you have promised yourself. Once this is built, things will start streamlined.

Let’s learn from Kelly’s experience how to transform blog in 2019 by investing 30-mins on a daily basis. Yes, 30-mins sees a very small investment of time but during the course, you will learn many aspects which were hidden since today.

Why investing 30-mins can transform a blog in 2019?

According to Kelly, this is the most powerful yet effective strategy that works for her and can equally be effective for you as well, because;

  • The span of 30-min can easily be squeezed for anyone who is dreaming to move to the next level of blogging. Let’s do the maths; these 30mins will be 3.5 hours per week and 14 hours per month. It will certainly be more than what you were doing before.
  • With a 30-mins timer, you can use your morning blog time very efficiently and above all, you can do a lot in a very short span of time.
  • Since you will be spending 30-mins daily, your blog will remain in your mind. This will help you keep striving for new ideas to induct into your blog.
  • Now as you started for 30-mins but you kept working to complete the task. That’s a bonus time that you will be spending on your blog.
  • The sense of accomplishment after that 30-mins will boost your confidence and give you a great start on the day.

How it made difference for Kelly’s blog?

Yes, thirty minutes don’t look so big but the amount of work done after some period of time, like a month or a quarter or a year will be so great. Let’s see what Kelly achieve in 12 months by investing 30-mins on her blog;

  • She managed to publish 51 blog posts. It means she had been able to publish an article in a week. There are three outputs she got;
    • confidence boost
    • consistent blogging
    • blog posts that are evergreen.
  • She managed to update her old blog posts. This work included improvement as well as error fixing. The output she got;
    • improved her blog for SEO purpose
    • this redo work allows Google to come back to her blog to re-crawl her blog
    • improve the ranking of her blog posts.
  • She managed to improve the quality of her blog by thinking about the “Why?” of her blog. This thought leads her to define a roadmap how better she can help her readers by improving the quality of information. She then implemented all the changes in lieu of improvement of her blog.
  • The output of this improvement helped
    • to increase her blog traffic by 24%
    • Facebook fans increased by 1,269
    • Twitter followers increased by 1,570
  • Further, she started and maintained a account to increase her social presence by adding attractive pins to promote her pins.
  • She creates a page and a Google form for guest post submission to managing guest blogging with guest authors.

Doesn’t it seem less than a miracle? But the fact is, there will be many blogs which would have grown faster than Kally’s blog. The point to be noted is she started investing 30-mins on daily basis and then stick to it. Now she is a blogger which has a lot of energy and understanding to manage her blog along with her full-time job. This is not less than an inspiration for me, at least.

Kelly admits that she is not a super-woman. She gets sick, has late nights or couldn’t get up early morning or be travelling. The good and other inspiration is, she usually right back the next morning. We all are human beings and unusually comes to everyone’s life. But the important thing is to get back to the routine once it’s missed. Sometimes, the feeling of achievement also distracts. But then recall the sentence of Darren, “that’s what I do”. What are the goals you set for your blog to transform it to the next level in 2019?

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