No money, no problem. SEO for competitive industry with no budget.

According to a research on, when a person is going to search something the click on Ad posts is about 30% and on organic search is about 70%. This is because the Google Ads are on the top of SERP and the organic results appear after the Google Ad posts. Obviously, Google Ads costs money and in return, they are getting 30% of the traffic. On the other hand, the organic traffic gets about 70% of the traffic for any keyword. The major difference between both posts is the spending. The organic listing cost you nothing but it is not easy to get a position in Top 10 results at 1st page of Google SERP. Being a small and medium business, it is always wise to spend where necessary. You have least to experiment for the better position in Google SERP. It means that the SEO for a competitive industry with no budget is not that expensive but required to have a good sight of SEO and it’s implications.

Roundup posts are best in SEO for competitive industry with no budget

It is always suggested to make sure that you must have a blog on your website. It has equal potential to have a blog on either as subdirectory or as a sub-domain. If you don’t have a blog no problem. Go to or and install WordPress on your website and set it up to run an independent blog on your website. Once your blog is complete and ready to take the publications, interview every expert in your niche to publish their views on your blog. As, Ana and I are in blogger outreach industry, we are working to interview experts to publish their latest research and advise on our blog here at The first phase is to create a list of true influencers by searching in the Google. Search for “Top Bloggers”, “Top blogging influencers”, “Top Blogger outreach experts”, etc. You create your own search strings to find the experts in your industry. Once you have finalized the list contact them in a professional and polite way. Let me share the content we will use to contact the influencers in our market;

Hey Henry,
This is Ana Maria. I’m a huge fan of your work. We are working on a round post about “effective ways of blogger outreach” and want to include you in our post.

Contact every expert in your industry to ask them about the idea/problem you are focusing the roundup post and take their expert advice on it. At the end of the process, you will have expert advice from 10 or 20 experts you choose to include in your post. Add their advice to your post with their name, blog URL, picture and twitter handle. Once the post is published again contact them via email to let them know about the post and ask them to share the post with their audience. Obviously, a post shared in the circle of influencers will get a great social buzz. A post gets more social share may get more visitors. A post gets more social share there are chances that someone else may also link to your site and then share it with their audience. Again, your post will get more visitors to your website. More social shares and more visitors will help to rank your site high in Google SERP in organic search. The cost behind this effort is minimum in comparison to the Google Ads. Once you get an organic ranking it will stay there for way more time than that of Google Ads. That’s why people do Roundup Post as a good SEO for a competitive industry. It not only causes you more social shares, visitors but also get you a chance to get free press.

Handle Keyword Density wisely on your product/services webpage

The first and foremost thing is to find out what keyword density of a page that rank high in Google SERP of your competitor. To find the keyword density go to seobook DOT com to get benefit from the Keyword Density Analyzer tool by them. To find the density of keywords used by your competitor’s top ranked pages, put the URL in the tool and start analyzing. You will get to know what keywords are present on the page with their occurrence percentage. This will tell you how much your competitor is focusing on what keyword on their top-ranked page.

The point here is not to start keyword farms on your respective webpage which you want to rank for a keyword. It is about to meet and exceed the keywords used on your competitor’s webpage. For that, you need to cover all hidden/uncovered topics related to the keyword. The rule is simple, go more thorough about the keywords that your competitor is targeting of their top pages. The more accurate and through the content is the chance are high of getting ranked high for that content.

Improve Post Titles, Descriptions from Google Ads

If Google Ads are getting 30% of clicks then there will be some good reason behind it. The Google Ads are clicked due to the first impression and that impression is created by enticing Title and Description about the webpage. Collect the copies used by the top 10 competitors as well as Google Ads. Compare the copy with the titles and descriptions you are using for the competitive webpage of your website. Recreate the copy for the targeted webpage of your website and then bookmark them to get indexed quickly. Having an enticing Title and Description will also help you get more visitors to your website.

All these three techniques are very practical and will have a great impact to get you more visitors. There are other techniques too but the amount of return you will get from these 3 steps will be more beneficial and get you quick results on your website. What techniques have you been adopting SEO for a competitive industry with no budget in past?

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