How to get more website visitors to increase sales?

how to get more website Visitors to increase sales

When you launched your website, you had no visitors to your online business presence with zero sales. Being a medium and small business, it is always a big challenge to run an online business with less or no budget. When you look at Google SERP for the keywords you want to optimize your website to rank high, you will be feeling frustrated. Obviously, there are players who came earlier than you in the online market. Or, they have big budgets to spend on paid Ads or paid listing in Google SERP to increase website visitors. They will be getting a lot of visitors for a long time which you are planning not to have on your website. Be happy, soon, you can have more visitors to your website and can start your sales in a very few time. Blogging is something which you can be started with no budget and can be a good source for more website visitors. On the other hand, these visitors can convert to the customer to start sales from your website.

Website authority help increase website visitors

Being a new online business, while planning to blog most of the entrepreneur consider not to link other people who are expert in the industry or website which are considered to be a problem-solving platform in the niche.

It is highly recommended to link to the people where your visitors can find the more valuable opinion on the subject. The other thing to link your content are the websites where visitors are always comfortable to go to get more insight into the problem you are blogging about. Both these acts get your benefit from the search engine like Google. The first benefit is site Authority and the second one is the credibility of the visitors. Once you got high authority and credibility through blogging you will start getting the high position in Google SERP which will definitely help you increase your visitors and ultimately help you increase your sales.

Shout out the link to site owner

Once you are done with linking and promoting your website yourself, contact all the site owners whom you linked to your blog post. This is kind of shout out to let the site owners know about a new link being created for their website. This is kind of simple email with a double fold benefit, how? Let’s have a look at the email content.

Hey, Barbra (the site owner),

I am in love with your products/service you are promoting and selling through I am actually a huge fan of all the products/service and always refer to my mates. Look how I mentioned your product/service in my new blog post at my website

Hope you would have loved the way I mentioned you and your services. Please do share it with your social circle to let them see the new dimension of your product.



The second fold of this two-fold benefit is, as long as the blog post is being shared by the website owner, it will further be reached with the many influences, company employees and people from other ethnicities. If your content worth reading, it will get viral through the audience in line.

Did you get how simple it is to get more traffic to get you more sales? You just started blogging and spend the time to share it with the right people. In a very short time, it gets viral. You didn’t spend a single penny to promote your website to masses in competition to the big players but only blogging. Adopting above techniques, you see yourself how a simple blog post help you increase website visitors, more sales, site authority and website credibility. This is also true to believe that only paid Ads cannot get your more website traffic. What methods have you been doing to increase website traffic?

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