Top SEO Trends for 2017 That You Should Know

SEO Trends

SEO Trends for 2017

Google has always highlighted the value of user experience and mobile based search results. In 2017, we’re good to go to see more streamlined SEO trends being announced.

They’ve already been a number of advancements in SEO during the last 10 months. Plenty of the visible trends of 2016 will continue and expand in 2017. As Google’s algorithm changes regularly keep business people alert, a number of other trends are likely to take shape in 2017.


We’ve gathered our top SEO trends that we feel will take control of the industry in 2017.

Higher Mobile Growth

Mobile access has reformed SEO during the last few years. Mobile search is rising at a fast pace and isn’t exhibiting any indications of going slower sooner or later. Traffic distribution is moving away from the desktop and shifting towards mobile devices, and several websites are already getting the greater part of their traffic from mobile devices.

In May 2015, Google revealed that mobile searches had overtaken desktop searches on its search results. After that, the company is taking several steps which indicate that mobile, not desktop, needs to be viewed as the default user experience. Actually, Google just lately reported that it has started experiments for making its index mobile-first.

Mobile optimization is already very important in SEO strategies. Having said that, it’ll prove to be essential in 2017.

Voice Search

For some time, voice search was a thing that was hovering around out there but wasn’t actually playing a big part in the search marketing industry. On the other hand, as mobile is constantly on the increase, voice search is getting momentum. Right now, 55% of teenagers claim that they use voice search on a regular basis, with 56% of adults claiming that they love using voice search. This trend is just going to keep growing in 2017.


Mobile video usage in teens has increased tremendously in the last decade, not to mention that in 2016, we consumed more video than previous years put together.

YouTube is still undoubtedly the most in-demand platform, and one of Google’s main revenue generators. In 2017, SEOs have to start giving as much importance on developing and optimizing videos as they do on creating content, as this is exactly what visitors wish to see. A high-quality video with optimized metadata won’t work, consider the length of the video and user and channel involvement; it can even be worth hosting the video on your site, maximizing your SEO efforts by having quality backlinks to your domain.

Optimizing for Searcher’s Intent

With latest Google updates like rank brain and Hummingbird in 2016, we can observe more results in Google entirely based on searcher’s intent and less according to the exact match keywords in 2017. As the influence of specific match keywords is in a regressing stage, it would be smart to produce and optimize content based on user’s intent.


Being aware of these trends can help you be more profitable in your SEO efforts this year. Be sure you optimize your search marketing techniques to take into account these changes.

If you know more SEO trends that we didn’t mentioned, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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