Top 10 brands ruling Instagram | Social media marketing case studies?

top 10 brands rule Instagram

In today’s modern digital world, the dynamics of everything have changed – including what makes the world’s top 10 brands actually the ‘top’. Social media marketing plays a significant role in reaching the target audience and boosting sales. It’s one of the most efficient and effective ways to attract the desired viewers because of its broad reach.

Social media marketing is an umbrella term that contains a variety of marketing strategies and approaches – which include paid media, email, content marketing, etc.

Social media marketing involves various online platforms. Brands notably use social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit, etc.

Social platforms have the most reach. It’s easier to engage with the audience attracted to the product or services you offer.

Instagram is one of the most popular websites used by various brands for increasing their reach. The site reported 1 Billion users in 2018. The numbers have grown a lot more now.

Top 10 brands on Instagram

Instagram is a visual marketing platform that plays an essential role in the strategy. The top 10 most popular local brands on Instagram currently are as follows:-


Madewell started as a modern city girl’s style brand that has a chic, tomboyish style. This detailed demographic emphasis makes it an ideal Instagram brand, where the traffic is 31% women and 59% people between 18-29-year-old age group.

The particularly notable aspect of Madewell is its visual content. It supports the demographic focus with the right colors and clean, efficient, artistic direction.

The brand started with a focus on denim jeans. However, it further expanded the product and displayed how they can build their wardrobe around denim.

The brand’s attention to the visuals and maintaining a feed that targets the attracted audience in the best manner has helped it increase sales by 39% in 2018 alone. They also got nominated for the 2018 webby awards in the category of best overall brand presence.

Tiffany and Co.

Tiffany & Co. is a wonderful model of a heritage brand that has used Instagram to grow its presence to reach a new and broader customer base. The brand generated numerous social stories around art, pop culture, and fashion.

To create consistency and preserve Tiffany’s famous brand individuality, they inclined to use “Tiffany blue.” The outcome is an Instagram grid that is immediately recognized as Tiffany but engages the viewer deeper into the brand’s sphere through modern visuals and storytelling.

This approach has helped the brand grow its audience and increase its reach. Several people prefer Their jewelry within their operative dominion. It also got them a nomination at the 10th annual Shorty Awards.


Travelers are well-aware of the importance of having a reliable luggage bag during their journey.  Away is a brand that offers exclusive quality bags. However, the notable thing about them is their social media marketing strategy.

Instead of focusing solely on product features, they instead shift the conversation. The posts are usually around the experiences provided by the suitcase. The feed of the brand Away contains attractive pictures from the world.

Away tries to position the company as a travel brand rather than a luggage one.


Glossier is a beauty brand that offers several products. However, unlike others, they have separated themselves from other brands’ usual elegant luxury within the industry. Glossier’s Instagram feed is loaded with humanistic posts.

One of the best ways to attract an audience is to engage with your audience as friends rather than a giant in the industry. It’s also the approach of Glossier, who continually post memes and customer messages to ensure that their audience feels comfortable. It’s also a keystone for their success.


WeWork is a Co-working brand that has a worldwide user community made into their business model. They use their Instagram platform to engage with the user base. The purpose of this is to underline the community’s power and raise creativity awareness that originates from the member.

Nearly all of WeWork’s Instagram posts are user-generated. The tactic lets the brand emphasize their member’s experiences while showing that WeWork also has a part in them. The approach increases the engagement on the posts. The UGC posts have a 4.5% higher conversion rate compared to non-UGC posts.


GoPro is one of the most popular camera brands in the world. People around the globe are fans of their devices. Their Instagram marketing strategy is also an exciting part. Instead of using it to sell their gadgets, they instead focus on aspirational and inspirational content.

They share various videos of their customers using the GoPro camera to provide their audience with new and unique ideas for using it. This approach has gained millions of followers on their platform.


The food and drink category of Instagram is quite a famous category. Chambord began as a liquor brand that did not have a media budget. It instead depends on organic strategies and new, inventive tactics to break through the clutter.

The brand uses data and insights to research the posts with the most engagement. Their content is focused on educating the audience about how their product can be used. It has allowed them to successfully build a strong community of people that are interested in their products.


Men grooming isn’t a very popular brand for a while. Due to this reason, it was overlooked for quite a while by their expected customers. However, Beardbrand intends on changing the general outlook of bearded men. Their social media marketing strategy focuses on promoting men’s grooming and the vision of beard men in society.

The visuals of their Instagram feed are filled with attractive bearded men using their products. It has enhanced its sales over the years.


Chubbies is another top 10 brands that engage men on Instagram.  This brand involves diversity and legitimacy in their content creation.

They started in 2012 in response to the deficiency of swimwear choices that the creators could classify. Ever since the brand has developed with the notion of treating its audience like companions. Their humor has helped them engage thousands of men in various age groups.

This approach has helped Chubbies gain millions of followers on their website without having any specific and definitive brand message.

So Worth Loving

“So worth loving” is an accessory and clothing brand. This brand encourages self-love and is another top 10 brands on the list. Their Instagram is a platform to promote their brand’s idea, spreading positive thoughts, and promoting its product line.

To strike a balance between promotion and mission, so worth loving constantly posts visual graphics in style to encompass both quotes and product-oriented images. Another very remarkable aspect of their Instagram is that they continuously engage with their audience by replying to their comments.

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