The Race Between Internet Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Internet Marketing versus traditional Marketing


With the Internet marketing versus traditional marketing debate going on, let’s figure out which one is more appropriate for marketing and promoting of your business. Of course, choosing one, when both of them have their own perks could be a hard decision.


Marketing is a part of the business that you cannot overlook. A smart business visionary will set aside a different budget plan for the marketing. The issue is, we live in the age where a part of the population does transaction exchanges online, while another lump does not yet know how to utilize the internet. Therefore, the decision of choosing one versus the other ends up really difficult.


To help you get the insight knowledge on both, Internet marketing and traditional marketing, and make you decide which one is better for your business, let’s bring out some points on both of them.

Let’s first start with Traditional Marketing. What is it?

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing refers to any promotion, advertising or campaign of the type of:

  • Broadcast media like TV and Radio
  • Flyers, brochures
  • Publication Ads (newspaper, magazines, journals)
  • Conference, seminars
  • Direct E – mails
  • Telemarketing


This type of traditional media has been used since the start of marketing and advertisements and has a proven success rate.


Now, let’s jump to Internet Marketing

Internet marketing

Internet marketing is likewise called as online marketing. Internet marketing is the procedure of promoting a business, a brand, a products or services over the web with the help of tools that assistance drive traffic, leads, and sales.


It is a huge term that encompasses vast strategies and techniques, and it all includes:

  • Content
  • Social Media
  • Paid and Unpaid promotions
  • emails
  • Banners
  • Video promotions


So, does this mean you can choose both? No, you need to the pick up the one that best represents your target audience and best responds to their needs.


Internet marketing may look more adaptable than traditional marketing, but let’s now discover their different advantages and decide which one is better.


1) Cost

Digital marketing cost

Take a look to the image below. Itself is self-explanatory. Digital marketing leads the race.


2) Real time result


With traditional marketing, you need to sit tight for a considerable length of time, sometimes even months before the boost begin to turn up. With Internet marketing, you can observe in real time results as:


  • Active visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate


Means, in the war of traditional marketing vs. digital marketing, digital marketing wins again inferable from its speedy results.


3) Developing the Brand


The insights can be estimated yet. The statistics don’t mull over in contrast with internet marketing versus traditional marketing, is the brand picture online advertising gives rise to. This is for the most part because of the ads with traditional marketing.


You can have an entire site rather than just a segment on a daily newspaper page. You can put things forward to the individuals at whatever point you need once you owe the blog or a social media page. With this, you can make a reliable picture for your Company. This is something one promotion broadcast on the radio or posted in the daily papers can’t give you.


To sum up Digital marketing clearly wins this category.


4) Quick publicity


Traditional marketing versus Internet marketing is a relatively an unfair comparison because former had no extension to convey in such manner. While there is a chain response of comment and share helping you contact another group of audience and grab visitor each nanosecond.


Especially because of the real time results of online marketing, you can instant attention. In the event that you don’t, you at any rate in a split second realize that this specific advertisement isn’t working for you.


5) Engagement


With traditional marketing, you can’t generally communicate with your targeted group. You have to sit tight out for the reactions to come in before you can plan your next step. This is a long and dreary process.


Whereas, online marketing enables you to connect with your group of audience continuously. You can discuss and talk about your brand with audience instantly. Indeed, this demands more commitment and time from your side as well. You should be ready to invest time or an advertising group into the showcasing spending plan.


6) Easing strategy


With Online marketing within a fraction of a second you come to know what is working for you and what isn’t, through analytics as Google Analytics. You can quantify traffic, bounce and conversion rate, and the trending pattern in real time. This helps individuals using online marketing to stay a step ahead of the individuals depending on traditional marketing.


Smart blend of Internet marketing will take your brand where you want.



About Author: Sunay is Professional Digital Marketer and Content Strategist at Eduonix Learning Solutions the Online Learning Platform. He has 2 years of core experience in Digital Marketing, Content Strategy and Blogging.

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