8 LinkedIn marketing tactics to include in your SMM

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn with over 467 million active users is one of the older and more popular professional networking sites globally. LinkedIn marketing will have a very strong impact on the overall marketing of your brand or product or service. There are many good examples of having a great engagement on LinkedIn and the essence of this engagement is strong content. The other reason behind the great engagement is the algorithm of LinkedIn which always identify great content. The impact of paid marketing at LinkedIn is also exemplary and should be included in your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Today we will discuss the key tactics to add to your LinkedIn marketing strategy which is proven and tested by the internet marketing professionals.

Post a link in the First Comment

This technique learnt from the Internet Guru Guy Kawasaki. He ran an A/B test with two posts to help LinkedIn marketing tactics. The text of both the post was same but the placement of the link was variable. You can well notice the difference of engagement on both the posts.

LinkedIn marketing - post link in comment section

The post with the link in comment section got 3X more views than the post having a link in the main body of the message. This LinkedIn marketing tactic force people to click on the comment section. Once the user clicks on the comment section, signals to LinkedIn that there is a strong engagement with this content. LinkedIn algorithm then shows the content with more of the LinkedIn community and therefore boosts without being paid to show on more people’s news feed.

If a post gets more than 12 comments, next users must click on the “show previous comments” to get to the link at the first link. The more views a post gets to have a high chance that the post gets more comments. LinkedIn only shows 12 comments per post so if a post gets 36 comments every next user must click thrice to get the first comment to get to the link. These extra clicks are the signals of most engaging post on LinkedIn and win a chance to be boosted naturally by LinkedIn.

Add videos to your LinkedIn marketing

You will be creating videos taking all your product or services and they will be posting all those videos on video marketing channels like YouTube. Well as you have the video content to publish on video channels why you are not considering publishing the same for your LinkedIn audience? When you publish a video on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. you will also be getting more engagement if you are going to publish the videos on your LinkedIn channel.

LinkedIn Marketing-Videos

Videos are always good to have more engagement than that of static content and you should not ignore the fact even sharing them planning your LinkedIn marketing.

LinkedIn Autofill

LinkedIn autofill is a plugin which provides you with a single magical button. When a user with LinkedIn profile visits your website and reached to a landing page, they don’t need to fill all the fields of form at the landing page. They just need to press the button provided by LinkedIn Autofill on your desktop or mobile ready website and all the data from their LinkedIn profile will be popped into the form.

Yes, filling the form fields is kind of tricky and laborious as well. It is also believed that leads come from the longer form are of high quality but less in number and leads come from the shorter form are of low quality but in big number. Adding LinkedIn Autofill button is a good thing and part of your LinkedIn marketing tactic.

Consider Video Ads in LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn video ads are equally important and should be part of your LinkedIn marketing. It is also a fact that video ads are expensive on LinkedIn but as customer lifetime value is high it should be part of your LinkedIn marketing.


Who so ever can afford and spend on customer acquisition should go for it. The video ads might cost you like 9c per view which can change in future but like other social media channels, the spending on video ads will pay you more qualified leads. If it adds more to your order value you can rethink to continue your video ad on LinkedIn.

Don’t publish as often on LinkedIn.

If you are posting 2, 3 times a day you may be getting fewer views. As a professional from LinkedIn spends the least time on social media channels so does on LinkedIn. If you are lucking enough to have most of your posts being liked and shared or commented, it is wise to publish only your best content for your LinkedIn Audience. It will help you to get to your prospects with the most valued content and will help you increase in engagement to your brand or product or service.

This is also important how to publish all kind of content on the LinkedIn. Always go for storytelling. Start with few lines, go with spaces instead of paragraphs, it’s good to start with a question to get most eyeballs. These are the basics of expert writing 101 courses and must be applied on LinkedIn, especially.

Filter out your prospects

In marketing, we always like to reach to the people who really matter to your business. You will be publishing the posts which may be reaching to everyone and there are chances that it never reached to the actual prospects.
Take help from third party tools to screen out the profiles which matter to your business or product or service. Spend more time with the tool to find out the details like email or phone number to get InTouch with all such important people.

Give all these details to your sales department and they will love the information and will also help them more leads.

Head-up for weakly job offers

I myself have clicked the option on LinkedIn to send me weekly job posts that really matters to me according to the details present in my profile. For the purpose, I have set my LinkedIn profile to find a full-time job for me.
LinkedIn sends me job posts every day or on weekly basis. Once I have the details of the company with the details of the jobs, I contact them with a soft apology not being available for the job right now. My next step is to pitch them with my services and a solution which I can provide them to overcome their need for a full-time employee. I found myself lucky enough for my internet marketing agency to grow my small and medium business.

LinkedIn engagement Growth Pods

Just like groups found on other social media channels, LinkedIn engagement growth pod is the group of like-minded people who love to participate in your post with comments, likes and share.

You can enhance the likely hood of getting initial / more engagement with your post. This engagement is all about getting comments, likes and share. The other step of the engagement growth pod is to add your friends and influencers even LinkedIn editors to be part the engagement.

We have shared the best 8 LinkedIn marketing tactics. What LinkedIn marketing tactics have you been using to promote your business, product or service. We love to add your tactics in future posts.

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