Internal Linking | 1 Simple Trick to get ranked high on Google fast

Internal Linking - Get ranked high on Google

Blogging is important for every online business no matter either you are small to medium business or an entrepreneur. other than that, bloggers can earn and are earning online through. Review sites are the most attractive type of blogging since the big sites, like, allowed affiliate marketing. As there is a great competition between review sites, it is always a great target for the review website bloggers to get ranked high on Google.

Recently, I was working on some project and got a chance to analyze I was so excited to see that the reviews by ranked high on Google. Then I started studying the on-page SEO and off-page SEO by the website. I took as a competitor of to see the difference between the two sites. The output I reached to conclude is that the web pages of rank higher than doesn’t have a number of backlinks then that of but the internal site structure of is much more interesting. The one simple trick which adopted to get ranked high on Google is the internal linking.

Trick to get ranked high on Google

The trick is not in creating high profile backlinks through guest posting, blog commenting, forum commenting or directory links. The one simple trick to get ranked high on Google is through internal linking within your website. During my analysis, I found that the internal structure of is so strong and appealing that a search engine like Google doesn’t even resist.


Let’s start from the homepage of the If you are on the homepage of the website, you will find a true magazine-like the theme of the site. The site talks about technology, science, social good. You can also find reviews over a selection of great products in the market which are always in need of household consumers. the homepage of the site is kind of never-ending page means if you start scrolling the homepage you will see new content at every scroll. this means a user can find a lot of content on even at the homepage.

get ranked high on Google

If you go on any review on, you will again notice that the webpage contains a great amount of internal as well as external links. These links are added logically instead of just for the sake of a link. Each review page provides you with other choices on the base of your interest in The power of internal link can easily be seen which become possible through a great structured web page.

The catch to getting ranked high on Google?

Most of the time, there are targeted web pages on any website which you or your business is focusing to get ranked high on Google.

  1. List the targeted pages which you want to rank high on Google. Then put a link the right column with some heading.
  2. Create a list of synonym keywords for the targeted web pages and then use them at the appropriate places in the blog posts.
  3. The foremost benefit of internal linking, you don’t need to hide the links like the way it was done back in early 2000.

What impact internal linking to search engines?

When search engines look at the hyperlinks targeting the web pages within the website, the search engine starts weighing the pages linked. When you are creating internal links, you should use the main targeted keyword. doing so the search engine will again be counting on the targeted web page for that particular keyword.
Always put the targeted web pages to give the link on every page of your web site.

Does back doesn’t matter to get ranked high on Google

Well, there is no doubt in it that backlinks created for a webpage or a website are equally important. no one can deny the benefits of creating backlinks as it helps you build authority to any website. You should focus on creating backlinks once you are done in creating internal links.

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