How influencer marketing help organizations throughout marketing funnel?

influencer marketing in marketing funnel

Since the day social media become part of everyone’s digital presence, the role and reach of the people, influencers, who have earned a good repute in their discipline become global. Social media created an opportunity for the organizations, SMEs and big organizations, to implement influencer marketing throughout the marketing funnel.

Further to social media, guest blogging is another opportunity for influencer marketing. The benefit of doing content marketing as guest blogging is trifold as it helps boost a business in a very short span of time.

Let’s have a look at a very well know influencer, Guy Kawasaki, an American marketing specialist, author, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist. He was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing their Macintosh computer line in 1984. Today, the social reach of Guy Kawasaki is about 11,754,462 followers at multiple social channels. The breakup of the followers of Guy Kawasaki is; LinkedIn followers 2,725,008, G + followers 7,019,854, twitter followers 1.51M, Facebook Followers 432,900 and Instagram following 66.7 K, respectively. Let’s take another example of Neil Patel, a very well know internet marketer. The break of Neil’s following is; Facebook Followers 920,025, twitter followers 285,000, LinkedIn followers 234,635, G+ followers 17,865, Instagram followers 2468 and YouTube followers 75,448, respectively. Which business don’t need such following?

Influencer marketing looks so charming and attractive but is it that simple? The answer is no. To get into influencer marketing, we need to follow the path from Finding and Researching through to Engaging, Pitching and Tracking, to make your marketing campaign throughout the marketing funnel a success. This is the best way to drive traffic to your website without SEO. Let’s walk through the marketing funnel to see how influencer marketing can make possible for your business.

Influencer marketing at Awareness stage of marketing funnel

At awareness stage, it is required to create a campaign to reach the expected customers with a content that can entertain, inspire, research and connect. The selection of content is equally a tough job as that of influencer marketing. Let’s follow the tactics to make influencer marketing possible at awareness stage of the marketing funnel.
Research, list and connect with the influencers to sponsor content at their sites. This is equally important to create content that is relevant to the audience of the influencer’s site. Otherwise, the effort can be fruitless.

Publish social media posts on the social channels of the influencers. This way your business will be reached the desired audience at large.

An advocacy program by involving the influencers will encourage the current customers to share your brand. The factor of multiple social shares will help you reach more customer in the very short span of time.

To build a brand recognition and loyalty into your customers go with giveaway products or services. Everyone will fall in love with your brand on the act.

Let influencers takeover your social channel for a day or so. Let them speak with their followers to help you make your campaign a success.

Influencer marketing at Consideration stage of marketing funnel

Once you are successful in the campaigns of awareness, let’s take benefit of influencer marketing at the consideration stage of your marketing funnel. The content to go with at the consideration stage of marketing funnel should be designed and created to educate and help your customers. Consider writing about specific details and answers questions. At consideration stage, the content will focus on you or specific product or service of your business. You should try following influencer marketing tactics for the consideration stage;

Design and create the content using co-created and curated strategy with your influencers. This will help make a sequence in your content and help customers find you and your influencer to get the first-hand knowledge about your business and/or product or services.

Further to content creation, consider twitter chat of the influencer with your business followers. publish your content as a guest post on the websites of the influencers. You can also hold a webinar featuring the influencer to give answers to your customers.

Influencer marketing for the decision stage of the marketing funnel

At the decision stage of the marketing funnel, focus to create an urgency, promote or establish the value for your brands. Further, your content could help reassure customers to trust your band in your niche. As people follow and trust others on the social channels, your content should help you reach through the influencer marketer.
As in influencer is helping you to boost your business without SEO, offer discounts to the audience of the influencer, ask for the testimonials. Further, one can ask for the reviews of your product.

Influencer marketing at the Nurture stage

The tactics to use as influencer marketing at the nurturing stage of marketing funnels includes loyalty and advocacy program for your brand, product and services. At this stage, the marketers are nurturing the leads to close them as a customer. Create content to incentivize or reward your customers to make the stage more successful.

We have tried to manage your influencer marketing to get you maximum benefit. We like to listen to you about your experience how have you been doing influencer marketing for your brand and business.

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