How to drive traffic to your online business without doing SEO?


SEO “search engine optimization” is the process to make a piece of content ready to be reached to the targeted traffic through a search engine from “free”, “organic”, “editorial” or “natural” search results. Throughout the process of Search Engine Optimization, the goal is only to be notified by the search engines; Google, Yahoo and Bing. Today, content marketing is at its peak. What if SEO fails? Is there something to drive targeted traffic without SEO?

Content marketing was never so important as these days. It has been clearly realized that the ratio of visibility between high and low all depends on the content. This is another fact that the amount of content is increasing in comparison to the previous years of the SEO. Without a question, search engines are the good source of traffic to the piece of content you have targeted to get reached to your audience.

It is also important to note that SEO is not the only method to drive the traffic to your content. First-time visitors are always important for any business which any business can get with the help of search engine. As there is a huge difference between traffic and targeted traffic, there are many opportunities available to focus on Targeted Traffic, instead.

Relying only on SEO is not wise being a marketer. It is not important to drive more Traffic always. There is a time when it is only the Targeted Traffic that is required. Shift the focus from More traffic to Targeted Traffic without SEO. Let’s walk through what to focus targeted traffic without SEO.

Email to drive targeted traffic without SEO

It is often said that email has been obsoleted, to me it is not. When a visitor comes to your website and finds something which helps to resolve a problem to them, they remember you. This confidence building is also a relationship building between you and your visitor. The subscribe with you as they know you have something which helps them.

Now create another compelling content and inform your visitors through email to find another helpful content to help you resolve another problem. Once they find you in their inbox, the confidence that you build with your visitor help them click on your email. You can generate a good amount of targeted traffic without SEO. I myself open almost every email from Neil Patel as he is a great inspiration for Internet Marketing. I know he has something which can help me. Thank you, Neil. Always inform your visitors with every piece of content you create. An email will help you drive traffic to your website.

Share your thoughts through Blog Comments

There are many people around you who are creating a good piece of content in your niche. You will also be following them for many good reasons. Go to the piece of information you liked most and share your thoughts on the subject they are talking about.

But how to find more places where you can participate to expand your knowledge in your niche and help people find a better piece of content on your website? Google Alerts is the one good source to find the similar places about the subject you wrote for your audience. Set a Google alert and screen the content where you should participate in debate and where you should not.

This is not about leaving a link like “visit my site” or alike. It is about to reach out more audience and to give them a reason to visit your content for in-depth knowledge on the subject. If your comment adds more value to the subject not only the place owner where you commented will endorse you but the audience will also come to visit your piece of content. If blog comment found helpful, chances are high that you will get targeted traffic without SEO in good numbers.

Guest Post to reach targeted traffic without SEO

It is always a good idea to spread your thoughts at places other than your own website. These are the website which not only talks about your niche or subject but also have good targeted traffic and have a great chance to drive targeted traffic without SEO. The good point is they are also open to having a guest post.

A blog which has established its worth in the most targeted audience is no doubt the best place to reach more visitors related to a niche. Find the sites in Google by searching for the term “Submit Article” in page title in the same niche as yours. List them, analyze them and then contact them politely to submit a guest post. It is more likely that they will accept your request. Always go with the properly researched article with a handful of information and a link back to your content. Guest post is a proven method to get your more targeted traffic.

Further to guest post on other places, you can be open to accepting guest posts on your blog. Inform the experts in the field using Email. This will help you drive targeted traffic, another way.

Interview the experts in your niche

As there are many experts in your niche who have good knowledge which can help people solve their problems. Contact them to take an interview with them. Find the most influencers through the search engine for the term “experts”. List the experts with their emails, social addresses and blogs.

Create a questionnaire from the list of queries you found on the blogs while doing blog commenting. Now contact them with a request for having an interview to get it published on your blog. Most likely the experts are happy to share their knowledge.

The benefit of taking interview of the expert is Tri-fold. The expert is wise enough to share the content with their audience. The follower of the expert will visit you to read the information. The content will be further shared by that audience. This method will boost a lot of targeted traffic without SEO to your blog.

Use the power of Forums

There are online communities, called forums, where people come to discuss their common issues. Find the forums in your niche and interact with the audience where people are searching for some particular problems. There you will find many issues which your piece of content is solving the same problem.

Always genuinely participate in the forums with the aim to solve the problems of the people with the piece of content present on your website. If the intention of participating the forum is genuine the targeted audience will come to your website.

Q&A Websites

The website like Quora and Yahoo Answers are the best examples of Q&A websites. These websites are equally beneficial as Forums. The format of discussion is quite different as well as you can discuss anything at the site that is why they are getting more traffic than of Forums.

Go and register yourself on these and like alike Q&A websites. Find the problems people are discussing in your niche and participate in the discussion. If your answer is proved to be the best you will win the first place in the answer area and can attract targeted traffic without SEO to visit your website for the good reasons.

Don’t neglect the power of social media

The average time spent on the social media is exceptionally more than the average time spent on the social media. It is never wise to neglect the power of social media to generate targeted traffic without SEO. But to go to social media you must have genuine and problems solving content to share. Share your content on social media to cash the power to drive the targeted traffic without SEO to your website or content.

Redo your content for the targeted traffic

There is always a cushion for the betterment of the information you already have published. While on your journey mentioned above you will have found a lot more information which was missing your content. Otherwise, as there are always new things coming day by day the old content needs to be improved to meet the needs of users.

List down the content you found improvement required for and start making an update to your past content. Doing a redo once in 3 months will help you keep the information on your website updated. Once updated your previous content share it with the targeted audience using the all the methods stated above. This will help you drive more targeted traffic without SEO to get the updated knowledge from your blog.

Offer yourself – a case study

As you were searching for experts to involve them to increase the knowledge base for your audience, do the same for others. This will be a great opportunity for you to reach to the segment of targeted traffic without SEO which was not able to be explored otherwise

Write about others

It is not necessary to interview experts all the time. This is equally good to drive targeted traffic without SEO to write about others by putting them as a role model. Doing so will help you get the attention of targeted traffic without SEO but also help you get More Traffic.

It is not something that you are promoting someone. It is something you are trying to increase the knowledge of your audience using a character whom they like to learn about. Make it clear to your thoughts that it will not decrease your popularity but let your audience know two things about your personality. One, you are well aware and have updated knowledge about the expert and second, you have more dimensions of the knowledge which you shared in the piece of content.

Find and Pull Methods

If you have done will all the above-mentioned methods, you can find more opportunities to participate directly to give your presence and to invite people to your website. You used Google alert to fetch the list of publication but you can use Google Alerts for everything which has talked about the topic you are interested in. Doing so Google will list all the places which can prove as hidden opportunities so far. Go visit them and create them an opportunity for you and your SME business website to drive targeted traffic to your website.

We have tried to dig down all the methods to drive targeted traffic without SEO to your website from the sources other than the search engine and other than SEO. Please share your thoughts to share more methods to increase the list of opportunities.

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