How to do content marketing to promote your website spending any money?

content marketing with zero budget

There is always a misconception in growing your online business needs a huge budget. Obviously, everyone wants to grow their business, but the marketing budget stops them to expand further business promotion. It is possible to do content marketing to promote your website without spending any money.

There are many platforms on the internet which allows small and medium entrepreneurs to do content marketing with spending literally $0 in total. If you got to know about these platforms and the technique you can promote your website without spending any money. Doing so the benefit will be bidirectional as you will be getting the referral as well as direct traffic adopting the methodology. Let’s walk through the platform and the marketing technique to dig the hidden benefit to promote your business through $0 content marketing.

With about 300 million monthly users, Quora is a famous question and answer platform on the web. From these monthly users, about 40 million users are from US and rest are from around the globe. To attract customers related to your niche you need to answer the questions related to your business. Simply search for all the questions that people have asked related directly or indirectly to your business. Then answer all the questions by giving reference or link to your website for further details.

This is so effective way of doing content marketing to promote your business without spending any money on marketing. There are good examples around there that businesses got a great response in the promotion of their business.

With monthly active users of about 326million users, Twitter is another place to do content marketing with mini-blogging. On daily basis about 500million tweets are sent where people are sharing many kinds of information with each other. People are asking questions related to their day to day issues on Twitter on daily basis, too. Search for all the questions which are related to your business. Twitter only allows 140 characters in total as a character limit, so you must write your Tweet within the limit.

Getting the benefit of using a 140 character, you can do content marketing with mini-blogging to promote your business on such a great social media platform. Answer all the question and then leave the website link to read in detail about the topic.

Forums is Another free source for content marketing

Other than Twitter you can also design content for many other social media platform by finding the questions on a respective social media platform. Other than social media platforms, there are Forums available on the internet which are serving the communities to help in their day to day problems. The most beautiful aspect of these forums you can find forums on literally any topic.

Forums are another place to answer many questions about your expected customers on the internet. Search for the forums related to your business. For example, you are selling juicers on the internet then you can search for “Juicers Forums”. You will find a huge number of forums on the internet related to your business. Register yourself on the forum and start answering questions of your expected customers. In a small passage of time, you will notice your business is getting direct as well as referral traffic from the forums you participated.

We have seen the un-highlighted places on the internet to do content marketing to promote business online. There must be many other hidden places in Q&A sites, social media channels and Forums where you can do content marketing without spending any money. Go find all those places on the internet, make lists, get registered and keep the data with you for future reference. As soon as you get popular and master in the above places on the internet, you will be getting more into these places to get more promotion for your business.

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