Twitter for link building | How to achieve 48% success?

Twitter for link building

Link building is really long hours and tiring job. Generally, marketers use personalized emails to outreach the opportunities for link building. When I was working in BlogDash I got the opportunity to learn the process to outreach bloggers. We too used a personalized email method to outreach the bloggers. I recently went through the process of Gordon Donnelly, a blogger at Wordstream, in which he emphasized on the use of Twitter for link building.

While on the days of BlogDash, we too emphasize on the use of Twitter. At that time, using Twitter was limited to engage with the blogger instead of link building. Using Twitter is a well-known method to engage the bloggers but the use of Twitter for link building was found an emerging method. The best part of this process is the acceptance of the intuition.

While you are going to use your business Twitter account to communicate with the targets is quite risky too. Yes, you must own all the responsibility of the tweets as well as highly visible to your own audience carries with it the stigma of effort. On the other hand, the authority of the tweet from the brand will strengthen the voice and may increase the success rate.

Finding opportunities before using Twitter for link building

The starting point of every project is to find the tangible opportunities. In internet marketing, the confirmed information is kind of tangle. Login to Ahref and search for all the domains with the mention of the targeted keyword which haven’t have linked to you. These are kind of ‘the low hanging fruits’ and can get you a great success.

It is mindful to note that if you are searching for the brand or branded keyword the search might listless a number of domains. On contrary, if you are searching for some service or product related keywords the search may list a longer number of domains. Ahref’s content explorer will be so kind you help you dig the data smartly.

finding opportunities before using Twitter for link building

Image Courtesy: Ahref

Once you put the targeted keyword the next step is to set the filters smartly. The first filter that I suggest to set it to sort the list by domain rating. It is wise to select the domain rating according to the business volume and/or your current website domain rating. This selection will help your outreach process easy and achievable.

The first step to use Twitter for link building

This is the first step towards using Twitter for link building. Here we start outreach the targeted people from their Twitter profile. Mind it again, this is kind of highly visible communication, it is good to be very careful yet gentleman.

While you are going to connect with the target with your business Twitter account, this is for sure that the target is going to get more followers from your list. A mention to a small blogger by a brand is always healthy and they love to get it at any cost.

If you are a small and medium brand like 4ContentMedia, you need to have a very clear brand description with a good cover image as well as DP. This is important as the blogger will always go to visit your profile if you are not a big brand. Be smart.

A link with an image in the outreach tweet

Now is the time to connect with the target through Twitter for link building. Always use a tiny URL and the image in your message. Give a nice salutation or call with the first name. It is great to get a mention with the appreciated note and mention from even a small and medium business. Try to use the image from the blog post to get the blogger a through back feeling from it.

You can use a tweet like below to start your conversation;

@twitter_handle Happy to read “Blog Topic” ‘Blog URL’. Do you mind linking with us?

Offer something in return Also listen to your targets

It is evident that the bloggers return especially when they get a mention including their past post. This is kind of passion toward blogging and the niche they are writing. It is quite possible that you get no response or a response with some acceptable actions.

Once the target gets back on your tweet, it is a moment to control your excitements and act according to the situation. Listen to your target very carefully to get back with a way that communication wouldn’t break. The most acceptable attitude you should adopt is to offer something in return to make the outreach request more interesting.

Be open to communicating through DM

It is evident that there are many who are reluctant to such outreach requests. The number of such bloggers mostly include influencers or with high authority blogs. It is quite acceptable not to be very much expected about such blogs.

On the other hand, there are bloggers who like to offer you to proceed with DM. be open and equally wise with the targets even in DMs. There might have a situation of asking for a link exchange or to sell a link. It all depends on your business value as well as the worth of the blog. Be your Boss if possible to proceed to the next level.

Avoid Twitter for link building for the following;

  1. Try not to keep outreaching in your organic Tweets. It has been evident that such communication falls.
  2. Try not to continue with a blogger who doesn’t have any editing access on the blog.
  3. Try not to continue requesting a backlink if you already have an inbound link other than a branded keyword link.

Conclusion for Twitter for link building

You don’t need to be an influencer or an internet marketing geek. It is quite a simple method that if you are live on Twitter, you are always in the limelight. People know you and you have the good standing on the social media channel.

The important factor is to be very kind and polite while requesting on Twitter for link building. Be attentive for listening to your audience and stay in touch with to be responsive as well. If you are planning a long-term business existence you have to give a long-term customer service. We tried to make Twitter for link building quite interesting and easy to adopt. Did you every use Twitter for link building and how was your experience?

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