Best link building campaign tips every blogger needs to know

Best link building campaign tips every blogger

Link building

Are you struggling to make your online presence known? Have you considered that perhaps it is the way you are doing your link building campaign that is destroying your chances instead of enhancing it? Links are the backbone of online presence, and if done wrongly, then you can spend your entire life doing all you can without achieving much online. This article discusses the best strategies for link building.


According to SEO gurus, every backlink that your site gets is a vote of confidence and goes a long way in helping your web pages rank high in Google’s SERP. This is essential to any kind of online business you are doing, as it helps attract high traffic to your site. With the right strategies, you can convert this traffic into leads and sales. Before we get into much detail, let us first look at the basics of link building.

What is link building?

This is simply the process of getting links from other websites to your site. By links, I mean other website owners are finding relevant content on your website then refer their readers to read more by hyperlinking those words that best describe the content on your site.


You will note that other than quality content, links are also among the top SEO ranking factors for Google and other search engines. As stated earlier, the number of links that a site receives indicates its relevance and authority thus google will tend to rank it higher than others.

Types of links

There are basically three types of links that one can cite in a website. These are internal links, outgoing links, and incoming links (or inbound links). Each of these types of links plays a vital role in ensuring that online users discover your site. Let us briefly look at each one of these links:

Internal links

Internal links are all the links within your website that link to other web pages within the website. These links are necessary and essential as they help tie each webpage to another within site. Internal links are important as they help Google bots determine which pages in your website are most important. This way, the most important pages will be indexed and ranked much faster.

Outgoing links

As you write your content, you will always find a need to “quote” works done by others. The best way to do this is by hyperlinking those sources using relevant phrases on your website. These links that are pointing to other sites are what are referred to as outgoing links. This is essential as it will help build a reputation for your website. One this to remember about outgoing linking is the fact that you are basically sharing your traffic with the other site.

Incoming links

As you strive to better your website’s content, other website owners will want to link to your content. The links that others use to refer their readers to your website are known as incoming links (or inbound links). According to ranking experts, inbound links are the most important for any website owner. This is because each link that points to your site from another site is a vote of confidence to your site. However, it is necessary to be cautious as not all links are quality links.

Link categories

Apart from link types, it is also important to know the two categories of website links. These are:

Dofollow links >>

These are links that can pass link authority and SEO rank to other sites that have been targeted.

Nofollow links >>

These are links whose site owner doesn’t want to share the SEO rank and authority of his website with others. Usually, they are marked with an HTML code.

How to build quality links

It is crucial to note that there is more to link building strategies than just hyperlinking. The first and perhaps most vital step is to create quality content that is worth being linked to. Without quality content, chances of your link building strategies collapsing are very high. You do not want to have online users come to your site and then bounce back almost immediately due to poor content. As you plan to start building links, ensure that your content is relevant, valuable and trustworthy.

Checking the value of incoming links

Note that not all incoming links are worth embracing. Some can potentially destroy your SEO campaign. It is thus important to check the value of each link on your website. To check the value of the links, set up a SEMrush project for your site then check the value of the links in the Site Audit tool. The tool is designed to track inbound links and determine whether they are fit or not.

Internal links building

Internal links are credited with helping visitors navigate your website and find new information. It is thus important to know how to have quality internal links. Below are the two primary methods of internal link building:

  • Ensure to include all relevant links to your own content before publishing any new content.
  • Update your old content regular to add links to new content on a regular basis.

Outgoing links

It is also crucial to understand how to link to other sites. Remember that linking to outdated content on other sites is another sure way of destroying your SEO campaign. Ensure that the content you are linking to is of good quality, relevant and can be trusted by your readers.


An outbound link is a vote of confidence on another website. It is thus important that you only vote for a web page that is worth your vote. Gurus like Neil Patel is of the view that you should, at all costs, avoid linking to content that is older than two years. Always aim to link to new and fresh content.


Again, make sure that you do not overdo the outgoing links, as this can be perceived to be spamming. Google penalizes websites that it considers spam, and you do not want to risk your site being penalized.


With the appropriate link building campaign, you stand a greater chance of getting lots of traffic to your site. This will help you increase your revenues and profits from your blogging career. With the tips in this article, you have all you need to be successful as a blogger.


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