How to Create the best Blog Posts for your Blog Site

Blog Posts for your Blog Site

Blog Posts for your Blog Site

Creating great content is a choice that everyone in the blogging field must choose. Failing to take the path of great content creation is a sure way of setting yourself up for failure. While creating good blog posts is always tedious, tiresome and challenging, its results are worth the hard work.

Great content is among the major ranking components that will help your blog get high and quality traffic, boost your rankings in Google as well as help you gain meaningful leads for conversions. But writing great content for your blog site is not always easy, look to this guide on how to write great content for your blog.

Set your goals

The first thing all bloggers should know is that, creating a goal for their work is extremely important. The goal will help you see through all the obstacles of writing, and this will give you reasons to do a little bit more to make the blog posts better.

The goal will tell you why you are writing the blog posts, which is very important as it will keep you motivated and focused at the same time. There can be many goals for which you are writing. Here are some reasons:

  • To drive traffic to your online shop or office
  • To increase sales or leads
  • To get brand awareness
  • To update customers about any change you did

But please note that, choosing many goals for a simple blog post may not work. The best thing to do is settle one or two goals that bring value to your blogging business. Having many reasons why you are blogging will only make the blog unfocused and even more confusing. If your goals are specific, it will better help you know when you have achieved them.

Research on the target market

Knowing more about the market you are targeting can be of great value to your work. This will come in various ways, such as who are the targeted audience, where do they come from, their ages, what they want to learn from your article and much more.

Research is crucial given that it will give you a clear idea of whom you are writing for. This will enable you to customize your blog site to fit the needs of those for whom you are writing for.  While researching your targeted audience, try to find out what motivates them to look for content like the one you are creating.

Topic ideas and keywords

When an individual goes to the internet to look for something, there are words or terms he or she will type in the browser. These words or terms are called keywords. These keywords are extremely important because, if users don’t type the keywords you are using in your blog, then there will be no chance of your blog posts to comes up and being seen. This will have an impact on your ranking as we shall see later.

When it comes to topics for your blog posts, you need to have a “killer” topic; one that is simply irresistible to the online users. Remember that research has revealed that most of the online visitors only skim through the titles on the internet when looking for relevant stuff.

Keyword research and search engine optimization play a leading role when it comes to ranking. And therefore, you need to invest both time and resources in doing proper keyword research and then coming up with topics that can guarantee clicks from online users.

So how do you get these relevant keywords?

There are several tools that can help you get the keywords to easily rank for. Good keywords should have a high search volume but a low competition. Finding these keywords should not be a very hard task. There are many keyword research tools that can easy help you with this matter.

When you have the keywords you want to rank for, you should now write high-quality content with those keywords in the title, body, headers and also in the image alt text. However, be careful not to overdo it as it can lead to what is called keyword stuffing, which is penalized by Google.

The keywords can also help you get backlinks to your article. Backlinks are believed to be king when it comes to ranking. Every link you get is a vote of confidence that shows google how relevant your content is. It is thus necessary that you try all you can to get high-quality backlinks to your blog posts.

Original content

The truth is, doing everything else right and then failing on original content will simply break your bottom line. You will achieve nothing with copy-pasting, another people’s work onto your blog.

As a matter of fact, Google will punish you for posting unoriginal content that has been copied from somewhere else. Google’s algorithm updates aimed majorly at punishing those articles that have no value to readers, that had been just plucked from somewhere else and then posted.

While it is true that creating original content for your blogsite, given all the work you need to do and the money to be invested can be challenging and expensive, however, if you do everything as it should, the results are worth the work.

Original content is believed to be solely responsible for making readers stick around, and even bookmarking your web pages for future references.

The content you are writing needs to be actionable. It should have the power to direct readers to something with the information provided. Remember that people go online to find solutions, and if your blogpost does not help solve a readers’ problem, then you will have it hard retaining them.

Creating good content for your blogsite should not be a hard thing. However, failure to comply with best practices when writing can be costly on your part. If you read this article till the end, you are now well-equipped to write content that will respond to your target audience’ needs and you will see your web pages rank on the first page of SERP.

Are you a content writer? Do you have any other tips that will help bloggers write good blog posts? Please share.

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