How to create SEO – Friendly content? Start with Keyword Research

Keyword research

What is the best way to publish a piece of content? In response to this question, 76% of people replied that the content should be organic to better business growth. Organic content means an SEO – friendly content that is produced by marketers with keyword research. But it is a great challenge to have a piece of content, every time, for almost 52% of marketers. The process of creating SEO – friendly content becomes more fun if you have done your keyword research properly.

Keyword research is not to avoid step as it is the first step of the process of internet marketing strategy making. It is an SEO keyword that will give you a proper direction to design a true SEO – friendly content. An SEO – friendly content is one that will be relevant and searchable on search engines. To achieve the goal to make your content searchable and relevant keyword research is necessary.

Yes, it is true to note that keyword research is a time-consuming task. You have to do a lot of effort to dig through the details, number, and comparing long lists of competitive keywords. Again, this is a must to do a task to perform it well. If you are intending to build a strong foundation of your SEO strategy and content development then you must spend a handful amount of time on keyword research.

What is keyword research?

A task performed at the beginning of any SEO strategy taking your business to analyze and find a list of valuable keywords. These keywords will define the type of content you are going to produce to perform content marketing and design marketing strategy.

The beauty of the keyword is that you come up with a single word keyword and then end up to the long-tail keywords. This will help you further in the process of content creation.

For example, there will be keywords that will be of high search volume and on contrary, there will be keywords of low search volume. Here comes the trick to create a content marketing strategy. If you think the low volume keywords worth writing about and can help you rank quickly then there will be more chances to rank for medium to high volume search keywords gradually.

Keyword research | study you niche

Either to start a keyword research straight you should learn about the targeted niche you are going to work. By doing so it will give you a lot of ideas to gather the proper keywords to target during the process of keyword research.

For example, if you are selling juicer machines you should study your niche and your business first. Look into what services and products you are focusing on your website. Then search for the random keywords related to your services and products on the search engine. There you come up with the content already published by your competitors. Take a list of the content already published and fetch the keywords from the content. Once this is done, go to the keyword planner by Google and fetch the search volumes for the related keywords.

If you find a high volume keyword mention it as a highly competitive keyword and gradually define medium and low volume keywords.

Create a list of relevant topics

Base on the main categories of your business breaks down the topics into smaller topic buckets. Then finalize all the topics you intend to create content and rank on the search engine.

Here the most important point during the process of creating the list of topics, be specific to your service and product as well as to the needs of your future customer. Instead of going with general topics always pick the topics which only address your goals and future customers.

Once the list is finalized, brake down the keywords that are relevant to the topics according to their search results.

Study the search intent

Search intent is defined as the intent or reason behind why people search for a specific term. Today, search engines like Google have machine learning search algorithms that compare search terms with user queries to learn about search intent. There are many driving factors behind people’s search habits such as;

  • Why someone is searching for something?
  • Is it some question they are searching for the answer?
  • Or is it some specific website?

If none of the above then they might be searching to buy something

The study of search intent helps you define the content you are targeting to write about on some topic. By defining the specificity of a topic you can be in a better position to control the content and can rank sooner or later accordingly.

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