Twitter Marketing: How To Use Twitter For Brand Growth in 2020 and Beyond

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a beautiful platform for those who want to share their thoughts and ideas with others. The Twitter platform is apt for those who want to update news about business day by day; Basically, it is a news sharing application, and your news or messages should be under 140 characters only. Twitter is a free application to communicate with everyone privately to reach huge people. Users can follow each other to talk about your brand on individual chats or groups. More than 350 million monthly active users on twitter, so you can develop your brand with twitter’s tricks. Read updates about your favorite brands from the overall world; Still, if you aren’t opening a twitter account for your brand, you missed more information, so this is the right time to start. Many people tweet about their brand, but some people don’t know how to use twitter marketing effectively. Schedule your valuable content with two hashtags to maintain continuity. Upcoming guides will help you to unlock your valuable talent to share them on the twitter network. Let us see;

Tweet With Twitter Strategies

Every social media network needs strategies to achieve success. You are spending your valuable time with a perfect plan to drive good results to achieve your goals. Generate new leads on your twitter account to increase your sales rate, and you can improve your customer’s loyalty. Make a brand’s awareness through twitter’s tweets or retweets. You can get more customers’ support when you decrease customers’ service costs; customers’ reviews are important to run a business. Set your business goals to develop your targeted audience for twitter strategy. You can drive up to 20 email sign-ups at each end of the month. If you want to get results, your goals should be specific and measurable; set your goals uniquely before starting business, but your goal should be what the audience expects. Don’t use social media for everything; use a guide to brand growth.

Create Brand’s Twitter Profile

One of the marketing strategies is creating Twitter profiles; it is a powerful tool. Upload the right image to your twitter profile; it should be relevant to your brand. Show your real face to build trust with the audience or upload your brand logo to make a new relationship. Use twitter profile to express your ability in front of a huge audience. Optimize your twitter’s profile with brand pictures or relevant images to show you first. Use a bio section to write a brand description that means what you are and what you do. Don’t forget to add your website link in your bio to direct traffic. Getting verified to make a trust, so getting blue “verified” to use your account. To get great reach, link back to your profile from another site. Show your profile by linking to it on your site.

Usage Of Hashtags

The hashtag is the right way to connect social media content, and you can search for specific topics. The hashtag helps you categorize your content from the crowd; thus, people can easily find your brand. Increase your engagement up to 50 percent when you use hashtags for your tweets. Boost your brands’ profile with hashtags’ strategy; here a few essential tips to follow:

  • Don’t use too many hashtags for single tweets; using a couple of hashtags is better than others
  • Use # symbol before you start any keyword or phrase
  • Don’t make a space in between two phrases, for example, #MondayMorning
  • Avoid punctuations
  • Finding trending hashtags from your twitter profile.
  • Use hashtags to get inspired to read your tweets

Hashtags increase your engagement and attract followers to a particular niche.

(Note: # – hash symbol or pound symbol in the US)

Post At Best Times

You need to know what time is correct for your post; more than 350,000 tweets are sending per minute. So if you want to get real engagement from the followers, tweet 7 AM to 10 AM & 3 PM to 7 PM. Monday to Thursday is the perfect weekday for tweets to reach your audience. Sunday Morning is the worst time to post your valuable content and don’t think to get engagement at this time. Also, avoid midnight posts too. Of course, every audience comes online at a different time, so tweet at least one per day to maintain your continuity. Keep frequency to get high-level engagement; and utilize twitter’s analytic tool to collect user data to learn your followers what they like, what they expect, and what they follow. Schedule your tweet to make consistency.

Engage With Your Audience

Track your engagement rate on twitter is important. Read your followers’ tweets to know about customers’ preferences in the industry. The best method to engage your audience is to interact though Twitter retweets and strengthen your relationship with them. Make your response fast because people expect a quick response from you, and retweet is the best way to interact with them. Using twitter polls to ask questions about relevant topics to them and Host contests is an excellent chance for people who interact with your company. Use @ symbol to mention who you want to tag because your replies sometimes annoy total followers; thus, you will lose your followers.

Multimedia To Boost Your Engagement

The smart way to use different media to boost your engagement, and the survey is 82 percent of engagement from those who view the video content. To obtain more engagement from your followers, you should follow some useful guide there are:

You are sharing a behind-the-scenes about your organization to earn credibility and authenticity from people. Take live shots to show your real face and post tweets with images to be more valuable. You can get better engagement than non-visual content and can tag up to 10 people per image if you want. Start a conversation through a comment below the visual content. Use GIF to make a funny engagement with entertainment posts. Use colorful fonts and different styles to attract them.

New Tactics

Twitter cards, live videos, and customer service are new tactics to obtain more followers’ engagement. Share your blog post on social media to stand out in front of your audience. You can take 360 degree live videos as a twitter strategy because twitter is a popular visual platform. Try some advanced twitter format to increase your reach and experiment with various timing to find the correct time to post your tweets.


We hope this article helps you to learn how to use twitter for brand growth in 2020. Using this twitter platform to get more engagement from targeted audiences, and you can stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, many companies use social media to connect with their customers, so follow the above tips to connect with the brand’s followers deeply. 


About Author: Kaira Ralph works at  Rousesocial as a social media strategist and a content writer. She contributes a lot of articles focusing on the latest social media trends to many blogs across the web. Her passions involve reading, painting, and traveling.

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